Friday, February 24, 2012


It's amazing how much one year can hold, and this year is FULL of exciting things for my family.  (The ones affecting our immediate family are in red!)

- In November, my dad turned 60.
- In January, I turned 30.
- In February, my grandma Ruth turned 90.
- In March, my brother-in-law, Tee, turns 40.
- In July, Jamie turns 30.
- In February, Tee's company went public (which, if you're financially illiterate like I am, is a HUGE deal).
- In March, we're having a baby!
- In April, cousin Molly Kate is getting married.
- In May, little sister is getting married! (And so is cousin Reeve!)
- Also in May, my brother and sister-in-law return to the States (from Madagascar, where they've been for 2 years!).
- In July, my dad will go through the primaries for Congress.
- Assuming he's our Republican candidate, the elections will be in November!  

As we've all joked, any of these events (other than the big birthdays, which we are always up for celebrating) are enough to stand alone and make one year busy and exciting.  But, we are certainly blessed...and busy!  Let's pray this baby is flexible, cause we've got lots going on shortly after he or she is born. :)

here's a photo from dad's website...Scout even made the family photo!
(of course, this is sans Andy + Betsy, since they're overseas)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

one of a kind

On the bright side of my weekend, I did discover this adorable antique store in Marietta - One of a Kind Shoppe.  I had perused Craigslist for a side table, and one of their dealers posted a table that was perfect!  So, I made the trip on Saturday, but the table was gone.  Lucky for me, they had plenty to choose from, and I actually walked away with one that was a much better price.  To make up for the difference, I bought a few other items. :)  Two pieces of silver for the nursery (can't wait to show you the precious silver basket I got!), and a hanging wire basket very similar to this one I'd been eyeing at Ballards, but for half the price!  (Trying to find ways to solve a paper pile-up issue we've been having at home.)  If you're ever in the area you should check it out.  

Another of my favorite antique stores is up that way as well, called A Classy Flea.  While you're at one, you might as well check out the other. That's my only beef with Atlanta antique have to drive all over the city (meaning the suburbs too) to hit up all the good ones.  So, it's nice to have two that I like within a few miles of each other!

On another note, today is my sweet Mama Two's (aka mother-in-law & Grandma Sue-Sue) birthday!  We're celebrating tonight with some friends in downtown Roswell.  As I told her, technically she could share a birthday with her grand baby.  But I really, really hope that doesn't happen, because I'm not quite ready today (why, yes, I am having control issues)!  Regardless, happy birthday Sue!  We love you!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

tales of paint swatches

I've always had trouble making decisions when it comes to decorating our home.  And the nursery is no exception.  I have ideas, I just struggle visualizing them until they're in place.  The problem is that sometimes it's too late at that point!  

When we first moved into our home, every wall needed repainting.  And that's when I discovered that I don't like working with swatches.  They're way too small to be able to tell what color your entire wall is going to look like!  And does the color ever really go on the same exact shade?!  So, another talented friend of mine, Jessica, helped me pick out colors and did a fabulous job.

This weekend I found an adorable three-shelf side table (we've got minimal room beside the glider!), but it needed a new paint job.  It worked out well because the bookshelf for the nursery needed repainting, too.  I had decided on a darkish gray color (similar to the darker gray in our rug), considering we had so much white (crib, dresser, lamp, glider cushion), and we've got some gray throughout. 

This weekend, I learned that I hate paint swatches.  I know that's a strong word, but I do.  I made my first trip to ACE by myself to pick out the color.  I went back and forth, between ones that were more blue and ones that had green tones, all the while thinking...why don't they just have one called "gray?!"  And then I found "Medium Gray!"  An answer to a prayer?  At first I thought so.  Until I completed two coats on both the bookshelf and the side table...and let them dry...and put the side table in the nursery.  Totally wasn't going to work (and Jamie agreed).  

So, Jamie went with me for the 2nd trip to ACE.  After going through more swatches and narrowing them down, we picked one that we knew had some blue tones...but it was definitely a gray.  

Two more coats of paint down, on both the bookshelf and the side table, and I think it's too blue.  In other words, I've wasted two quarts of paint, $$$, and my precious time painting two pieces the wrong color.  But the thing is...I think this second color is here to stay.  Until my younger sister comes in town this weekend, and convinces me that we need to try one more time.  Are there bigger troubles in life?  Absolutely.  Just telling the tales of a woman who's scheduled to have a baby in three weeks and still can't finish her nursery!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

i dream of...

baby books
babies crying
baby names
my Dr.'s office
paint colors
projects (like the one I've got in store for this sweet book) -->

It's true.  Know it sounds crazy, but for the few hours I'm sleeping at night, I'm dreaming of all things baby.  Well, with the exception of a few other bizarre dreams that I'll spare you details of.   

Guess it's just what happens when you're 3 1/2 weeks away from having a baby?!?!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

bamboo shades

Back when the nursery was just a guest room, I had been looking for some dark brown bamboo shades for the window.  But, I had the toughest time finding the right shade that actually fit our window (there are plenty that are 72" long...when our window is only 46" long!).  When we began working on the nursery, rather than use a typical black out shade, I decided it was time to find the right bamboo shades.

No luck.  Did I mention that part of the problem is how economical I'm trying to be?!  

I found some shades at Home Depot for a great price...but wrong color...just too light of a brown color.

So I decided that I should take on a little DIY project.  Originally, I had thought about spray painting them a dark brown (cause spray painting is safe and all).  But I consulted my friend and uber-talented painter, decorator, all things DIY-er Kristen.  And she suggested a stain.  

While I don't know that I've stained anything in my life, if there's a safe place to start, it was with these bamboo shades.  

the original color, with a peek of the stain at the bottom 

almost finished...notice the difference?
(i used a JAVA colored stain)

very, very happy with the final color!

 drapes are coming soon

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

continued (again)...

11 - There are a few places that a pregnant woman just feels out of place.  A few examples?

- We volunteer with the college ministry at our church, and typically attend their Tuesday night gatherings.  Last night, our church was hosting a huge singles event, as well as the college ministry.  You can only imagine all of the stares and interesting looks I got as I walked through the doors big and pregnant, being welcomed by the sweet host team.  I guess they were thinking I was either single + pregs or in college + pregs...either way that I really did need Jesus. :)

- A liquor store.  I don't spend much time in these, but we were hosting some folks, and I needed to get a few items.  I'm sure they're used to it, but I just felt this need to tell the cashier (and everyone else!) that I wasn't planning on consuming any of it!  

- Parties.  Over Christmas, sister-in-law Kelly + roomies hosted a fun tacky sweater Christmas party.  It was a fun party, but we didn't know a lot of the people, and most of them were young and single.  For those who didn't know us, I know they kept wondering who the old married, pregnant couple was.  Jamie said I should have worn a sign that said "Single and ready to mingle."  It's not like people weren't giving me odd looks anyway!

- Normal retail stores - Over the holidays, I did some Christmas shopping for my sisters at some of my favorite clothes shops.  As I'd pull out different dresses and shirts, the sales people were so nice..."do you want me to start you a fitting room?"  And that's when I just laughed, and said it was nice of them to ask, but none of the clothes were for me. :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


9 - I've been through the McDonald's drive thru more times in the past 8 months than I have in my life.  French fries and McFlurry's (Rayne, wasn't it you who mentioned you were craving them?  Cause as soon as you did, I've been snacking on them way too consistently!).

10 - Any time I've been dancing since my belly got big enough to notice, the belly is somehow used as a prop.  I mean, we haven't been going to the clubs or anything, but at weddings or any other events with a band, I can't resist the dance floor.  But somehow, we all end up dancing around my belly as it takes the center of attention.  Sounds weird, huh? But it's actually kind of funny.  

Monday, February 6, 2012

pregnant ramblings

I realize that my blog is getting overtaken by all things dog + baby, but since it happens to be what's going on in my life right now, forgive me as I continue with a few random ramblings about pregnancy.  

1 - We're 5 weeks away.  Did you hear me?  Only 5 MORE WEEKS?!  See below for the most recent belly photo...

35 weeks...and HUGE

2 - Given that fact, I'm right where I imagined I'd be.  Having procrastinated for the first few months, I now find myself in mild panic mode.  Woke up super early yesterday morning, running through the list of things that we still have left to do.  And it ain't a short list!  

3 - I'm having continuous dreams about all things baby.  The nursery, crying babies, etc.  Last night I dreamed I went into labor while I was in jail.  Not sure why I was in jail, but it was obviously not for anything too serious, considering they let me out to go have the baby.  I even dreamed I was timing contractions.  

4 - If I've changed my mind about one thing on the nursery, I've changed my mind about a million things!  I like to think that I have a decent eye for design, but I just cannot make decisions for the life of me.  And I have trouble envisioning things before they are actually in place.  So, on Saturday, I tediously drew out something I had planned for on the nursery wall...spending a good 45 minutes on it...only to realize that it wasn't going to work, which led me to repainting over my pencil marks and moving on to Plan B.  Thank goodness for my sisters and friends who are opinionated and good at this kind of stuff! :)  If we ever finish it, I'll be sure to post pictures galore!

5 - I'm really tired of wearing the same clothes over and over again.  As I mentioned before, maternity clothes shopping is not very fun.  Anyone ever feel good looking as they pull an outfit on over their overly large belly, while trying to make a normal outfit look as normal as possible...unable to do so considering the elephant in the room (or in your belly...ha...that's when you feel like an elephant!)?  We have my younger sister's engagement party this Saturday, and I found a dress.  Feeling really good about it, I got home to try it on with shoes, jewelry, etc.  Only to realize that it's just impossible to look or feel hott with this big ole' thing in the way!  Sweet?  Precious?  Adorable?  Sure.  But, not hott.

6 - Everything is really crammed in there.  At our childbirth education class on Saturday, our instructor showed us a picture of what our organs look like w/out a baby in there, then what they look like w/ a baby.  No wonder I feel like this kid is all the way up in my rib cage.  Actually, I think it's the organs, but they gotta go somewhere!  And everything's getting a little uncomfortable...can't cross my legs well, bending over is not fun (getting back up is even worse), and my back and feet are squealing at the end of a big day.

7 - For some reason, giving birth doesn't scare me.  I mean, people do it all the time, and tho I hear it's really painful, it's just temporary.  It ends eventually.  It's what happens after we have the baby, like the fact that a sweet little person is going to be totally dependent on us, is what scares me pretty good.  Been praying about that for a while.  

8 - It is totally worth it.  I know I sound like I'm complaining, but the truth is, I just think it's all hilarious.  And I really don't mind being pregnant.  It wouldn't matter anyway, because even though we haven't even met our sweet baby...I'm in love.  To feel him/her move around inside of me, to know that we get the privilege of raising it to know Jesus, and to grow closer to my husband all at the same time.  It's amazing.  Just funny, all at the same time!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

happy birthday, scout!!

Yesterday, this little guy turned 1!  We celebrated by bringing him to my office for the day (he's usually a Tues/Thurs only dog), which is one of his favorite places.  He gets spoiled with love and attention, and of course it gets him out of the house for the day.  Then, we had a little dog play date in our big back room with some of the other dogs...another of his favorites.  Finally, we ended the night with a big ole' dog bone. Oh yeah, and I made him take this picture with a birthday hat on. :)

As Jamie said, "you're doing this all for yourself" (which isn't entirely true), but of course, Scout had no idea what was going on yesterday.  He doesn't know he turned 1, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't celebrate, right?!

Scout, it's been an adventure having you as a dog for the past 8 months!  But, I'd say Jamie and I have learned a lot that will prepare us for parenthood.  And of course, we love you more than we had ever imagined!  Plus, you're the cutest little guy I know.  (And somehow you turned me into a dog lover...obviously!...which is a feat in itself!)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

big brother

Between the new shock collar (have I told y'all about this?  we now have a collar w/ a remote so that we can shock him when we need to...from far when he's digging in the yard and we're inside or trying to eat something he shouldn't...sounds awful but it works wonders!  anyhow, between that) and the fact that there's been lots going on in the soon-to-be nursery, I'm afraid our little Scout is having quite a bit of anxiety.

Since we've been doing lots of work in the nursery, and then we brought home lots of new things from the shower this weekend and laid them out in there, Scout has been acting so weird.  He'll walk into the room and smell everything (which is better than him trying to eat it all!), and then walk out and plop down outside the door.  This is not a normal spot for him to land, so it's been kind of funny.  Example below...

this was him last night...nursery is on the right 

and later on in the night, I found him here...halfway in,
halfway out....just staring
(oh, and here's a glimpse of the nursery!  once we get a few
more things completed, i'll do a post on it...soon!)

Really makes me wonder if he knows that something's up.  And how in the world he's going to respond when one day we leave the house and come home with a baby!!  

Or maybe he knows that he's turning 1 YEAR OLD tomorrow?!  He'll be joining me at work, and we may or may not have a little birthday party planned.  

Either way, I do love this little guy.  And am still convinced he's going to be a great big brother!