Friday, February 27, 2009

I Spy in the Dark

Random #16 - My little sister (who's not so little anymore) slept in the same bed as me until she was about 13 years old.  

And she had her own room!  She's always been the clingy type, so once she started she just couldn't stop.  I never really minded the company, but I did love it once I got my own bed.  We used to lay awake at night, in the dark, and play I spy.  If you've ever played I spy, you'd know that you need to be able to see and object in order to tell what color they was.  But we just played from memory!  And we were pretty dang good.  

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bi-lingual, painting photographer

Random #15 - Regardless of the various things I've had my hands in, there are still more I'd like to try (and maybe actually get good at one of these days).



Another language (French or Spanish, maybe?).

Sewing (I want another shot at this one!).

Knitting (another repeat, but it's becoming very popular with some girls around the office).

Violin playing, Horseback Riding, Basketball shooting Soccer star!

Random #14 - Growing up, I wanted to have my hand in everything. 

I started with tee-ball around 5 years old.  After not doing much more than dancing in the outfield, I moved on.

I was part of our country club's swim team for four years in elementary school.  I almost drowned on my first attempt at I.M. (true story) and breast stroke was my best stroke.  

Violin lessons and horseback riding followed, in the 4th grade.  

Once I got to middle school, I decided to take on a bundle of sports, thus causing mom to make me quit the previous two adventures.  I played volleyball, soccer, tennis, and basketball for school.

My mom was/is a phenomenal piano player, so I decided maybe I'd give that a shot as well.  

In 8th grade, I decided I wanted to learn to sow, so mom put me in a class - all I have to show for it is a lousy pair of red and white polka dotted shorts and matching handbag.

My freshman year of high school, I joined the church choir and started singing solos.  I have actually recorded a cd (don't ever ask me for it - terrible!).

Throughout high school, I lettered all four years in cheerleading, basketball, soccer, and tennis.

My senior year, I was looking for something fun to do so I took a drama class.  We put on the first one-act play at ARC in over 10 years.  You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, in which I was Lucy.  We even went to competitions.

Throughout college, I played on various intramural teams.  Some of the most random tournaments I was in are badminton and racquetball (and track, which is only random because I am the worst sprinter in the world!).

One summer out of college, mom and I took a knitting class.  One extremely short scarf later and I haven't seen my needles since.

My senior year of college I decided that I needed to find a consistent form of exercise so I started running.  Never made it to the half marathon, but I did run a 10K.
Looking back, I sure do wish there was just one thing that I was still really great at.  Oh well.  It sure was fun in the process :)

P.S.  If I can get my hand on some pictures of some of these adventures (which would require a return trip to Augusta), I'll be sure to post them at a later date.


Random #13 - I LOVE connections.

Maybe it's the fact that I grew up in a "small" town.  Or maybe it's the fact that I like to be in everyone's business.  Or it could also be the fact that maybe I feel more secure when I'm connected to people.  But I love connections!  I am generally the first to play the "name game," which is a part of my personality that I think Jamie could totally live without!  

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dose of Humility

Random #12 - I'm an extremely sentimental person.  

I always have been.  My family used to make fun of me because, often in the middle of dinner, I'd start talking about how we're so blessed and how I am so grateful that we all enjoy each other and yada, yada, yada.  

However, this weekend took it to a new level.  We had our very first of the wedding festivities (not counting the awesome surprise fiesta thrown for us by our sisters and two of my best friends) in Augusta.  Now I came out of the womb with a loud voice and an often attention-seeking personality, I can admit.  So I've never had an issue with all eyes on me.  But this weekend I was completely.....overwhelmed.  In a great way.  

Naturally, I think we all have to face the battle of the "it's-all-about-me" syndrome.  In fact, it is not about me.  None of this.  But our human nature tugs strongly, constantly causing me to forget this.  I've walked with friends through the whole wedding process, where I'll gladly do anything for them because this weekend is all about them and their union to each other and to God, and goodness knows that I don't want any more stress added to their plate.  But when the tables turned this weekend, I got all choked up.  No one would let me touch a thing.  

- Can I get your coat for you?  You're first in line for the food, Molly.  Here are all these gifts for you and Jamie.  We've been up since 7am getting everything ready for this shower for you.  We're just so happy for you and we love you both.  What time do you need to be ready and what can I do to help you? We cleared our schedules and drove 5 hours to be here because we wouldn't miss this.  - 

It was amazing.  Amazingly humbling.  

And this weekend was only the beginning.  We're 2 months and 2 days away from the big day.  I can't wait to marry Jamie Hargather.  And I'm so grateful for the friends and family that we are blessed with and the great God who loves us enough to satisfy us in Him alone.  

Friday, February 20, 2009

Working Woman

Random #11 - When I was younger and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I knew exactly what that was.  

I wanted to be a preschool teacher in the morning, a veterinarian in the afternoon, and have 20 kids.  Seriously, ask anyone who knew me in elementary school.  I loved kids (ironically I was one myself) and I knew I wanted a whole lot of my own (still do, but not quite 20).  And I also wanted to teach them (maybe that's why I got two education degrees?).  But I also loved animals.  So I had to make time for them.  

Wonder when I was going to sleep?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don't buy me coffee

Random #10 - My drink of the day (at coffee houses and/or at home/work) changes on a daily basis.

I love, love, love coffee shops.  I've spent many hours in all different types, worked at one, and would like to start my own one day.  When I worked at Starbucks, we had a ridiculous amount of regulars (which is how I got my current job, actually) whose drinks we had memorized and which we could typically have ready for them by the time they made it to the register.  Once you got it down, it all worked like clock work. 

However, I'm not one of those people with a typical drink.  Every time I go in a coffee shop I have to deliberate what I'm in the mood for that day.  Jamie doesn't understand that when I say I want some coffee, I don't actually mean just coffee.  I want a coffee drink.  And it is never the standard drink that they have on the board.  It is almost always customized (for instance, I never want the amount of syrup that they typically put in a drink).  Even my size of drink changes depending on what I am ordering (and how much sleep I got the night before).  Here's a list of some of the drink combos that I love, in no particular order (standard Starbucks recipes in parentheses; the last two are ones I make at home) - 

- Grande London Fog (Earl Grey tea, nonfat steamed milk, 3 pumps vanilla syrup) w/ half the vanilla
- Tall Vanilla Latte (1 shot espresso, nonfat steamed milk, 3 pumps vanilla syrup) w/ half the vanilla and occasionally a double (two shots of espresso)
- Tall Pumpkin Spice Latte (1 shot espresso, nonfat steamed milk, 3 pumps pumpkin spice) w/ 1 1/2 pumps and occasionally a double, no whip 
- Venti tea (2 tea bags and hot water, steep for 5 minutes) w/ 1 teabag refresh and 1 awake, 2 packets of honey
- Iced Grande Americano (2 shots espresso, water, over ice) w/ 1 oz. soy milk, occasionally a triple, and occasionally with 1 pump of vanilla
- Tall White Chocolate Mocha (1 shot espresso, nonfat steamed milk, 3 pumps white chocolate) w/ 1 pump white chocolate, no whip
- Grande Cappuccino (2 shots espresso, nonfat steamed milk w/ half milk, half foam) w/ 1 splenda
- Tall Chai *Note: Must be Big Train Chai Mix, so I have to buy and make my own* - 6 oz. nonfat steamed milk, 1 spoonful of mix
- Coffee (yep, just plain old coffee I make at home that I love two ways) - either plain with 1 splenda or a 1/2 a splenda with a little bit of Vanilla creamer in it

So it's probably not a good idea to ask me if you can pick me up some coffee (although I would sincerely appreciate it) because it's just going to be too much for you to remember.  Because now you can know what runs through my head when I go out for coffee and why baristas all over the world probably hate people like me (and it's mainly because I was one of them).  

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

College 4 Life

Random #9 - I spent almost 7 years in college.  

4 1/2 were spent finishing up my undergrad in Education at Auburn.  

2 were spent getting my graduate degree in Elementary Education at Georgia.  

6 months in between were spent substitute teaching in Athens while I was studying for the GRE and getting all my paperwork in for grad school.  

0 is the number of degrees that I am actually using.  BUT - I still have two degrees.  Does that count?  

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...

Random #8 - I am a poet.  

I'm not sure you should technically call me a poet, but when I was in middle school I had this notebook in which I kept all of my works of poetry.  And believe it or not, that notebook is quite full.  I wrote about love, about rain, about death, about heartache, about my sister's blanket - the list goes on.  I think my inspiration came from my keen ability to rhyme.  Seriously, I really have a knack for rhyming words.  

I continued writing poems throughout high school and some of them, well - most of them, are pretty terrible.  A few of them even get pretty dramatic.  But every now and then I enjoy a nice laugh while reading over my works of poetry.  

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Love Tank

Speaking of Valentines Day and love and all that other mushy stuff, here's my next random fact. 

Random #7 - My love language is Quality Time.  

Gary Chapman wrote a book entitled The Five Love Languages, with the intention of helping people clarify what it is that makes them feel loved.  In his words, he explains that we all have a "love tank," which serves a similar purpose to our souls as the gas tank does to the car.  When our love tank is full, we are better able to love others and run effective and healthy lives.  However, when our love tank is empty, it becomes much more difficult.  And your love tank becomes full when someone loves you according to your love language.  Want to know the irony in the way we love?  We typically love people the way that we want to be loved.  I give Jamie lots of quality time, when that's not what makes him feel the most loved. 

Without reading the book, the above paragraph is super cheesy.  But once you process it and try to make sense of it all, it's brilliant.  Here's a quick run-through (you can find more in depth here) of the five love languages that he proposes - 

Words of Affirmation - I feel especially loved when people express how grateful they are for me, and for the simple, everyday things I do.
Quality Time - I feel especially loved when a person gives me undivided attention and spends time with me alone.  
Receiving Gifts - I feel especially loved by someone who brings me gifts and other tangible expressions of love. 
Acts of Service - I feel especially loved when someone pitches in to help me, perhaps by running errands or taking on household chores. 
Physical Touch - I feel especially loved when a person expresses feelings for me through physical contact.

 While I claim to have all of the love languages (:, the truth is that my love tank can be filled pretty easily if you'll just sit and have a cup of coffee and talk about life with me.  

Happy Valentines Day

Jamie and I had a fun night full of surprises.  We had a 5:15 reservation at Parish Foods and Goods, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta.  Then he told me we had a friend give us an early wedding present, which happened to be tickets to Cirque du Soleil's Kooza!  It was phenomenal!  I had no idea people would be willing to do some of the things they did, much less that their bodies were able to do some of the things they did.  

I don't think there was one aspect of it that I didn't like - from contortionists whose bodies were as strong and flexible as a rubberband to people doing triple shoulder stands while balancing on a ball to a soundtrack provided by a singer with an eerily beautiful voice to a unicyclist throwing a woman around while he's pedaling!  But I think my favorite was what they call the "Wheel of Death."  You have to go check it out yourself, but below is a picture from a rehearsal.  

Friday, February 13, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

Loved this movie!  If you need some convincing on whether or not you should go, check this this out below - 

Friday, the 13th

Random #6 - 

13 is my favorite number and the number that I wore for every sport I played growing up (volleyball, soccer, basketball, and tennis).

I also love, love, love scary movies.  But I am terrible to be with while I watch them.  I jump and scream and talk and cover my face.    

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Denim and Sunflowers

Trying to tie in the fact that Jamie and I just had our engagement photos taken.  So....

Random #5 - When I was around 13 years old, my mom decided (more like we begged her) to take my sister and I to a "Model and Talent Expo," if you will.  Now, I'm not ashamed to admit that I was not what one would call a "cute" kid.  I was 5" by the time I was 10, weighing in at about 85 lbs.  And my mom loved to give me perms, dress me in the latest 80's fashion (including large bow on top of the head), and I had glasses and braces.  Whatever.  My sister, on the other hand, was stinking adorable.  With my mom being my mom, she couldn't tell me that I shouldn't even take a stab at modeling and then proceed to take Robin Anne to the event (although as her child she probably still thought I was beautiful, right mom?).   

Anyhow, we took head shots in these awesome denim hats with a huge sunflower smack dab in the middle and went on our way.  Needless to say, Robin Anne got called back by 3 of the agencies and I got called back to a big fat 0.  At the time, it probably crushed me, but the good news is that it didn't crush me enough for me to be permanently scarred.  

And!  Since then I have made my debut in the FedEx Annual Report, the Unboundary video flipbook, and an Interface sales video.  All have totally made up in self-esteem for the fact that I was rejected by those modeling agencies.  Look whose laughing now? :)

Not really tying in, but on the subject of pictures, Jamie and 
I had our engagement photos taken this past weekend!  And I think they turned out pretty darn well!  If you'd like to see more, head over to Dan and Anne's blog.  I have loved everything they have shot for any of our friends, and am really looking forward to having them capture our wedding!  If you'd like more info on them, check out their main website.  

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Random #4 - I eat Mexican food at least once a week.  I should probably clarify that it's not always technically Mexican (sometimes it's Cuban or Spanish or Latin), but the bottom line is that chips and salsa and cheese dip and burritos and margaritas are staples in my diet.  It's usually on my weekly date with my friend, Jessica, that we wind up consuming all of the above, and we very often find ourselves eating until we can't breath anymore.  I've said before that if I could only cut Mexican out of my diet, I'd probably lose 10 pounds right away!  

My "Mexican" awards - 

Best Veggie Burrito - LaFondas
Best Shrimp Tacos - Nuevo Laredo
Best Chips and Salsa - Uncle Julio's (formerly known as Casa Grande)
Best Cheap Mexican - El Azteca
Best Environment - Loca Luna
Best glassware and "buy your margarita pitcher and glass right off the table" - No Mas Cantina
Best Margarita - Sue Hargather (she's not a restaurant, but she does make the best ones I've tasted!!)

I've just eaten lunch and yet I'm totally craving all of the above.  Mmmmmm!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Leaving your roots

I'm super disappointed, but the rumors going around are that Katherine Heigl (Dr. Izzie Stevens) and T.R. Knight (Dr. George O'Mally) are leaving Grey's.  Check it out here.

There's something to be said about actors and actresses who can make it big and still stay true to what got them their start.  Jennifer Anniston (well pretty much the whole cast of friends).  And I'm drawing a blank on any other examples!  But you get my drift.  


Now that winter's pretty much over, I know it's time to change this darn backdrop.  While I'll spend useless time on the internet doing some things, I really don't want to browse through 500 cheesy, ugly designs.  

Anyone want to do it for me??

Some Call it Nosy...

...but I like to call it curiosity!

Random #3 - I love to be in the center of everybody's business.  Wow.  Once I say that out loud it sounds pretty bad, but whether or not it's scaled down or blown up it's the truth.  That is why the following can be fun, addictive, enjoyable, waste of time adventures -

I want to know who's dating who, what so and so said, why you're sad today, etc. etc.  At times this is a beneficial trait and, I feel, makes me a better person.  I remember birthdays.  I love to send cards when people are happy, sad, getting better, engaged, having a baby.  I'll listen if you need an ear.  I keep up with current issues.  I'm constantly discovering new things.

But it can have a negative effect when I use those powers for evil (ok, evil is dramatic, but it's how the phrase goes).  I spend lots of unproductive time looking at people's pictures, reading useless information on blogs (no offense blogging friends.  I have my own useless info right here), flipping through pages of who wore what to the awards show.  To more private people (i.e. my fiance) I can come across as pushy and nosy when that's not my intention.  I'll even admit (and you facebookers should too) that sometimes I know information about someone simply over the internet!  And then I have to keep my mouth shut when I see them in person so I don't look like some stalking fool!

Anyhow, there you have it.  Now I'm off to check out my blog roll for the day :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Good Intentions

Random #2 - I'm a person of good intentions, as exemplified by my latest post.  Twenty-five things about me in twenty-five days seemed like a great idea, and a good intention.  However, if  you notice, it's been three days since I've posted at all!  Ah!  

I like to think of myself as a person with good intentions who follows through most of the time, and only has that small percentage where she doesn't.  But if I'm going to be honest, I probably fall more in the 50/50 category.  Now I could make myself better by using the old adage "It's the thought that counts," but the truth is that it's not the thought that counts.  I don't want to know that you thought about writing a note to me, I want to see the note.  How am I supposed to know if you thought my outfit was cute today if you don't actually tell me?!  (That was a really lame example - actually something I can hear Ashley saying, but...)  :)  

Anyhow, I would like to work up to being someone who has good intentions and acts on those more often than not.  Is it cliche to say that I intend to start working toward that?  We'll see!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Copy Cat

I'm a terrible blogger.  Especially now that things are so busy and crazy.  But because of the crazy, busy part, I feel that I can justify copying a blogging idea from one of my friends and co-workers.  Facebook now has the "25 random things about me" (that you probably didn't ever care to know, but if we're honest you read them anyway).  So my next 25 or so blogs are going to each have one random fact about me (I can imagine how excited you already are).  

Random #1 - While we're on the subject, I'm a piggybacking kind of girl.  I'd like to call myself creative, but I can openly admit that most of my ideas come from an original idea that I've heard from someone else.  The majority of the time I end up customizing my idea to make it my own, but the bottom line is that I am spurred on by others' creativity.  

I would go as far to say that I get most of my fashion and clothes ideas from others.  I know it drives my sister nuts, but I love to take note of what she wears and how she wears it so that I can do something similar.  (Ok - that sounds a little stalker-ish, but it's true.  She's a fashionista.)  Whereas she can create an outfit on her own, I've got to watch her!  I also keep a journal, which I've talked about in a previous post, that is comprised of other peoples' creative endeavors and ideas that I am taking as my own.  It's entries vary from wedding ideas to baby room ideas to party ideas to decor ideas, etc.  

So if you have any creative thoughts that you don't want me to steal, you'd better tell me now. Otherwise, I'd like to think you'll take it as a compliment. :)  Oh, and you should check out Devon's blog to see her top 25 random things.  She's quite the writer, so I think you'll enjoy!