Friday, September 27, 2013

Baby H.2

We're excited to tell you that Hammond's going to be a BIG brother!

Little brother or sister Hargather is due April 14, 2014 (or 4.14.14...lots of 4's!).  

And we won't know whether it's a boy or girl until April, so I guess we're calling this one Baby H.2?  

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hammond update

Our little man is 1 1/2!  I can't believe it.  Some days I look at him and think "he's a little BOY." 

He's been walking since right at 12 months, and now the boy is RUNNING.  
He's also climbing everything!  And up for trying almost everything.

Such a talker/babbler!  When I can understand what he says...
Hi and Bye are still his favorites.  
He also says MammaDad (not daddy)
Hottttt (and puts his hand out toward hot objects)
Woah (at's hilarious)
Truck (at every large vehicle)
Tooo Tooo when he sees trains
He also can repeat most of what we ask
And we're working on Ham-man (for Hammond, of course).  

The video below is him showing off all his best animal sounds...

He's loving water :: splash pads, the pool, and the tub.

He's definitely attached to mommy, but does love his daddy, too.  

And the kid is FRIENDLY.  I mean, the pun is intended when I say he is a ham!  When we're out to eat, walking around, or at the grocery, he says HI to everyone.  It cracks me up.  And most of the time, it cracks up the other people. Bye is also his best word.  Loud and emphasized.  

Since a month ago, the morning nap is gone!  [Insert happy + sad face here.]
And he's taking a ~3 hour afternoon nap.
Still staying in his crib from 8pm - 8am at night.

He's eating like a toddler.  By that, I mean, one week he is super picky.  The next week he's eating me out of house and home...and eating everything I put in front of him, including veggies (thankfully this is one of those weeks!).  

Loves other kids!  They're our greatest form of entertainment and fun.

Loves stuffed animals.
Loves toy trucks.
Loves books.
Loves real animals.

He's mostly a happy baby.  But, the temper tantrums have begun.  It's amazing (not the good kind).  Yeah...we're working on that.  

have I meantioned it's almost always over food!

Now is the time that I want to hit the pause button and just freeze time.  He is so adorable, entertaining, and curious.  Hammond, thanks for continuing to bring us so much JOY and so much LAUGHTER.  We love you!