Wednesday, September 28, 2011

big year

Well, turns out it's going to be an even bigger year for the Allen family than we had originally thought.  Looks like Baby Hargather will arrive a little over 2 months before my younger sister gets MARRIED!  Robin Anne and Bob are engaged!  

Bob planned the whole thing out for this past weekend, and waited to tell the family until early last week!  So, while we were off in NY, she was getting engaged.  Knowing that I couldn't wait to go celebrate with her, I planned a little surprise trip for as soon as possible (which happened to be Monday night).  

the bling and the baby bump

the beautiful Bride-to-be!

Lots of fun in store these next few months as we prepare for baby and for a wedding!

Monday, September 26, 2011

and one more...

...of the Hargathers + the baby bump :)

eating our way through Rochester

Thanks so much for all the sweet words about the lil' baby in my belly!  We are really so excited, and I am SO happy that we can finally let the world know!  I've got lots of pictures, etc to come, but thought that today I should tell you about the way we ate our way through Rochester, NY this past weekend. :)

Of course the main event was cousin Dan and Laura's wedding, but we managed to turn it into one big eating-fest while we were there.  Met lots of cousins that I hadn't until now, and we had such a blast with all of the Hargather family!  They remind me so much of my extended family...I just wish we could see them more often.  

Forgot my real camera, so here's a glimpse of the wknd through my iPhone pics.  

Jamie and precious Ollie, one of my favorite lil' kids!
J got lots of daddy practice this weekend, and he was amazing!

Jamie's cousin Shawn (red shirt) owns General Hoock's, which is a one man
show with some of the best (and heftiest) breakfast food I've had 

Kelly and our first course, French Toast + Bacom

Jamie and I with the main meal, a breakfast sandwich monstrosity
(eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, cheeses, french bread, and a meat sauce) 

J + Kelly at the bar area of General Hoock's 

the newlyweds!

70 mini pies that sweet Aunt Debi made...yum!

first dance...Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hoock

Jamie and Ollie

our final meal on Sunday afternoon after church with all of the family;
then we all played PIG (card game similar to Spoons)

By the end of the weekend, you had to roll us onto the plane, but it was such a fun trip! Hope it's not too long til we get to see the Rochester cousins again!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

and so...

...I told you I'd deliver some big news this week to make up for my lack in blog posts. So here goes...

Baby Hargather is making its debut March 12, 2012! Yep, we're going to be parents!!

There may be many of you who already know, but word is really just getting out. Jamie and I were on the same page that this was one of those things we needed to keep to ourselves until the timing was right, and we had to make sure we could coordinate telling my family in person before we told everyone else. So, we didn't spill til Labor Day weekend, which was right at 13 weeks (hardest secret I've ever kept!). If you do the math...

...we're 15 1/2 weeks. Aka...over three months! And this week, we're the size of an apple. :) I say "it" and "we" because we don't know the sex, nor are we going to find out. Fun surprises to come!

In my opinion, I've been "showing" for a while (when it's your body, it's different!), but this week is the first where other people have really started noticing. Without further ado, here's the first public baby bump photo.

thanks for the dress, Kathryn!!

There's so much to share, but I'll keep this short and sweet and more in line with an announcement. Plenty more updates to come in the next few months, and bare with me as I promise to try really hard not to turn this blog into baby central. And in the meantime, we'll covet your prayers for little peanut! This whole process really is a little miracle :)

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart. - Jeremiah 1:5
What a promise from a loving and faithful Father!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Ever wish you could be two places at once? There is so much good going on this weekend, that I think I'd like to be more than just two places! But, such is life, (and we're super excited about our trip north!), but I wanted to share two awesome sets of couples that are gettin' HITCHED on Saturday!

First up, the fabulous Devon Pasquariello and fiance, Ryan McGinnis. Devon is a former co-worker, but in the process of working together for a few years became a dear, close friend. She moved to Indy a few years ago so that she and Ryan could live in the same town, but she's coming back to GA (one of my favorite cities, Athens, to be exact) to let the wedding bells ring. Devon is one of the most laid-back people I know, with one of the biggest hearts as well. Those are just two of the reasons I wish we could be there to celebrate with them this weekend (oh, and also because she's going to be one amazingly beautiful bride!). So grateful I could soak up some quality time with you yesterday, Devon! Congrats, you two.

love this photo of Ryan and Devon

Next up, the GA Hargathers are traveling up north to join the Rochester, NY Hargathers in celebrating Dan and Laura's wedding weekend! I'm super excited about this trip, because these are some of J's relatives that I've spent the least time with (but enjoy so much!). We leave bright and early Friday morning, and arrive to even cooler temperatures than what Georgia is having now. These guys are so much fun, but even better than that, they are some of the most amazingly solid believers that we know. It's going to be such a rich weekend. :) Really excited to spend some quality time with them all, and spend Saturday celebrating this beautiful couple...

Cousin Dan, and soon-to-be cousin Laura

Monday, September 19, 2011


I know I've been a bad blogger lately, but I've got some good stuff coming up this week that will hopefully make up for it. :)

Meanwhile, here are a few of today's highlights...

the weather forecast for this week; yes, i see the rain, but do
you see the ONE day this week that it's going to be over 80*?

which leads me to spending lots of time (esp. in the morning) on our front
porch sitting in a rocking chair doing this. can you say "ahhhhhh?!"

our college small group is starting back up (we've added lots of guys and girls...yay!),
and last night we got together to hang out and celebrate Lucas's 21st birthday!!
have i told you enough how blessed we are by this guy?

another article praising our fabulous little area of town. i do love it so!

and, finally, one of my all-time favorite shows gets some well-deserved
emmy love. cannot wait for the season to kick off so that i can laugh
my little booty off with the Dunphy's, Pritchett's, and the Pritchett-Tucker's

Happy Monday, friends!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jackson, MS

Two weekends ago, Jamie and I loaded up the car and took a 6 hour road trip west down I-20 - all to meet sweet little Caroline Burkhalter! Oh, and to see her parents too. :) I told you some about Caroline, and her mama Kathryn, on my blog here. But I've known mama since we were in the crib together.

We spent a lot of the weekend just hanging out at their adorable home, and enjoying the time to catch up (and watch them work their baby schedule like clock work!). But we also got out a few times to see all that Jackson had to offer. Of course, I was mostly interested in the landmarks from The Help movie. [Sidenote: Kathryn was an extra in the film. A teeny tiny extra part, but fun, nonetheless!]

Here are some photos of our weekend getaway to good ole' Jackson, MS.

our basket of goodies for Caroline...
you just don't show up empty handed :)

shortly after bath time

lunch excursion to Brent's Diner - where Emma
Stone, aka Skeeter, had a few meals in the movie

absolutely adorable.
Kathryn and Neal live in the Fondren area of Jackson,
and that's where most of the Jackson filming took place.
It's all super cute and old school, and they said it's
always been like that, not just for the movie.

Caroline's first baseball game...
the Mississippi Braves! Who knew?!
(Apparently lots of people other than myself)

J soaking up sweet nap time

check out that face!

love her

one last photo before we were off

Big thanks to Kathryn and Neal for hosting us so well, even with a 2 month old!