Monday, June 16, 2014

Two Months :: Delle

This sweet girl is 2 months!  

And it's close to impossible to get a good picture of her!  Especially with big brother around (sorry, Delle).

A few random facts about our sweet girl ::

- she's becoming more and more alert, and I love it!
- the weekend of her 2 month bday (this past one), she officially started sleeping through the night.  woohoo!
- she's cooing and making noises
- she is finally well (after 5 weeks of congestion and a double ear infection), and her personality is proving to be really laid back (2nd child?!)
- she's adjusting to a schedule really well
- stats come later next week, at her next check-up

When I was trying to get the usual picture, Hammond insisted on getting in the chair and getting a few of himself.  I mean, he's too cute to resist.  And technically the 2 works for him, too. :)

A few random facts about our big brother ::

- he LOVES his little sister!  he wants to hold her, burp her, cuddle with her, and every morning I bring her into his room and all he notices is "Baby Delle!"
- I honestly think he doesn't even remember life without her
- he's learning about time-out and spankings (fun, fun, fun…ugh)
- he loves his friends and just being around people in general
- he's gotten pickier about food, but is still a good eater
- is interested in "tee-teeing" outside and sometimes in the toilet, but has only successfully done it in the….bathtub
- despite the challenges that come with a 2-year-old, we have some of the most precious moments, especially at the end of the day

I also took a few photos of the two of them for her birth announcements, and these are two of my favorites (unedited, but adorable!).  

And just a few randoms from lately :)

not even sure he remembers his days in the crib,
but he wanted to check it out again!

happy father's day to this one :)

big smile


celebrating Diddy's 30th birthday!