Is Baby H.2 a Boy or a Girl?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Boy or Girl??

So, the big question as we prepare for Baby H.2 to be here in 6 DAYS (?!) is….

Boy or Girl?

Just for kicks, I thought it'd be fun to create a poll and see what you think.  If you have time, either use the poll above, or write in the comment section.  

Guess we'll know soon!

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Big Boy Room

As we were preparing to make room for baby #2, we decided to go ahead and transition Hammond to a big boy bed before the babe arrived.  What was formerly our guest bedroom, is now all decked out for a little boy!

The first "nap" was a disaster.  After a few weeks, he started getting out of the bed as soon as he woke up.  But, finally, somehow, he got the hang out it.  And he's been sleeping full time (naps + all night) in his big boy bed, without getting out until mommy or daddy comes to get him, for over a month now.  We're talking a whole hour of entertaining himself in the mornings, and sometimes in the afternoons!  So thankful.  

It's also helped us talk to him about the baby that's coming.  "Who's bed is the crib going to be?  That's right, the baby."  "There's baby's room."  

Here are a few photos of the room ::
(pardon the empty frames…I'm anticipating a few new pics of H + his baby sibling to fill them!)

We left the queen sized bed in there, with the hopes that we'll still be able to house guests.  I just put two pillows under the comforter on the left side when he sleeps, to keep him from falling off, and then he's got all the room in the world to stretch out.  And he does!

This kid loves to read, and he loves to read with mommy and daddy.  So, I really wanted to have a chair in there.  My mom has had this rocker for as long as I can remember, and gave it to us to have when H was a baby.  We recovered the seat, and it fits perfectly in the corner.  Plus, I envision mommy rocking a baby in there while H runs around like a wild man in his room.

This is our "gallery wall" of some fun items. 

Grandma Sue-Sue had Hammond's "jersey" (or onesie) from the Baby Race framed, along with some photos from the event.  And my mom, Honey, painted the doggy (Scout, anyone?) with the fun saying around it…for Hammond's 2nd bday.  And I just can't ever have enough photos in a room, so the bulletin board was a must.  It's also a great place for us to keep our memory verse from Waumba Land (Prov. 17:17 this month!).  

All of his books are in that one little dresser, and I LOVE that they're hidden.  We love our books, but he's got so many that it's nice to have somewhere to stash them.  And the shelves above are the pallet shelves that I had made for our master bedroom (still haven't replaced them, but I've got grand plans for our master).  

I also have high hopes that this little fellow will spend lots of time reading in his big boy chair.  Especially in the next few months!  The little guy loves that there is a deer above his bed. :)

And perhaps my favorite part of his new room??

The closet!  I finally got to ORGANIZE all of Hammond's toys.  We've got truck/car bins, a music bin, a bin full of blocks, a misc bin, our art bin, and one full of all the balls a kid could imagine.  I've even got empty bins on the bottom shelf, in anticipation of a few new toys coming our way.  Plus, I can fit his bigger toys (shopping cart, a train he can ride, the golf clubs) in there when it's time for bed at the end of the day.  Have I even mentioned that a clean and tidy house really helps keep me sane?!

We love our little house, and I love that Hammond now has a fun, big boy room!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Birthday Boy

This past Friday, Hammond celebrated his 2nd birthday.  I hardly have words for how precious this kid is to us.  But, here are a few I shared on Friday.

Hard to believe I've had the privilege of being this kid's mom for the past 2 years. Hammond James, you are certainly a bright light, an adventurous spirit, and you already love people so well. Happy happy birthday!

All of these words ring so true.  I've got high hopes for you, buddy.  And I could not be more thankful to be your mommy.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pinterest Valentines Cards

I'm not even going to claim to be a Pinterest mom (see below if you don't know what I'm talking about….)

With that being said, I do love some of the creative ideas that come from the site.  Especially ones that involve holidays and/or kids!  Last Wednesday was snow day #4 (?!) for us, we were stuck inside, and daddy had to do some work from home.  So, we made homemade Valentines cards.  

I found this idea from Pinterest, went through our paint/craft supplies, and we were set. All you have to do is mold a toilet paper roll (sans the paper), dip the end into paint, and you've got a heart. :)

Hammond LOVED it.

cutie pie.  notice the heart shaped toilet paper 
roll in the bottom-ish right side of the pic

no pics from the heart shaped ones, as I was too involved guiding his hand.
but here he is when I let him have free reign with the paint brush.

the abstract card when to daddy :)

finished product

Thursday, January 30, 2014

snow days

I've got no comments on the craziness that invaded Atlanta, followed by the snowfall, over the past few days.  But I do have lots of great stories and pictures!  

Hammond's first discovery of the powdery white stuff ::

trying to taste it :)

impromptu date night with his girlfriend and her parents :)

no real gear for the little man, so we did our best!
ziploc bags, covered with socks, taped on his wrist…worked like a charm,
 and his hands were sweating when we took them off!

no real sleds, either

but kayaks work pretty well!

another impromptu neighborhood party!

Once we knew everyone was safe and sound, it was a fun few days with family and friends!

Monday, January 27, 2014

happy new year!

I've been gone since November, and while I apologize, we've had a lot of life happen these past few months!  

But, I'll start your news years off with one of my favorite stories - 

Jamie and I are a part of a church in Buckhead that we love, appropriately named Buckhead Church.  From the time we committed to making this place our church home, we were well informed of their vision for members - Connect. Serve. Give. Invite.

Today's story comes from the Serve aspect.

Because of really great experiences that Jamie and I both had with our own college ministries, we decided to invest our energy and resources into the college ministry at BC.  And our lives will never be the same.

Three and a half years ago, we became adult leaders (ha! makes me feel old!) for a small group of freshman college students who would gather at our house once a week and attempt to learn more about Jesus and grow in their faith.  While we've seen some of those students come and go, there are a few who have stuck with us and we've had the privilege to watch them grow, mature, wrestle through some serious stuff, and become somewhat like our surrogate children.  Thankfully, we have at least a year left with most of them, but...

Two of those boys were Lucas + Victor, international student athletes at Georgia State.  They both came from Brazil and played tennis for four years.  Both of their stories were different, but the two became like brothers, and partly because they were so far from home we became their American parents.  

We've had the huge honor of seeing incredible life change happen in them over the years.  Victor made the decision to give his life to Jesus and got baptized (you should check out his video here!), they won countless tennis matches and even got to go to the NCAA tennis championship as doubles partners (and made it to the round of 16!), invested and changed the lives of all those that knew them, and brought such fun, hysterical laughter, and life!  

Victor and Lucas graduated from Georgia State University this past December, graciously spent the Christmas season with us, and then headed back to Brazil to begin their post-graduate lives at home with their families.  We are so excited to see what's to come for them, and yet sad to see them leave.  

Victor & Lucas, we consider you a part of our family (Hammond already misses his big brothers!), and can't wait to come visit soon!  

And here's an awesome video they put together for us just the other day!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


October was a full month!  Here are some of our highlights (mainly of the cutest Hargather :) - 

Hammond's learned to say "cheese" for the camera

loving on our sweet neighbor-dog, Tucker

spending quality time with one of my favorites,
in one of my favorite college towns

date night selfie

yard work with daddy

the cutest little monkey I've ever seen

with his strawberry friend, Harper

neighborhood official Halloween social

playing around with daddy's wig

Halloween night with friends

We have been busy, but having a great time! And the little baby in my belly is certainly growing (maybe one day I'll actually take a photo…poor second child!).