Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Three months :: Delle

This little bit is 3 months old!  I've said it before, but as precious and sweet as newborns are, it keeps gettin' better!

Here's what she's up to ::
- becoming alert, and even giving us a few smiles (as evidenced in the photos below)
- still napping 3x/day, and sleeping 12ish hours at night (with a dream feed)
- for the most part, she's a chill baby.  happy when awake, and deals so well with her big brother's shenanigans.  seriously, he's all over her!
- of course, fussy time is the usual, and it's just chaos at our house (I know, I know, it's only 2 kids, but still!)
- her 2 months stats (that were really at 11 weeks) put her at 85% height and 91% weight

Official shots ::

And a few random ::

being the perfect model for mama, while 
her brother was running around like a nut

trying hard to hold onto a teething toy

up close

she's been wanting to sit up for so long,
but this is the best we've got so far

Monday, June 16, 2014

Two Months :: Delle

This sweet girl is 2 months!  

And it's close to impossible to get a good picture of her!  Especially with big brother around (sorry, Delle).

A few random facts about our sweet girl ::

- she's becoming more and more alert, and I love it!
- the weekend of her 2 month bday (this past one), she officially started sleeping through the night.  woohoo!
- she's cooing and making noises
- she is finally well (after 5 weeks of congestion and a double ear infection), and her personality is proving to be really laid back (2nd child?!)
- she's adjusting to a schedule really well
- stats come later next week, at her next check-up

When I was trying to get the usual picture, Hammond insisted on getting in the chair and getting a few of himself.  I mean, he's too cute to resist.  And technically the 2 works for him, too. :)

A few random facts about our big brother ::

- he LOVES his little sister!  he wants to hold her, burp her, cuddle with her, and every morning I bring her into his room and all he notices is "Baby Delle!"
- I honestly think he doesn't even remember life without her
- he's learning about time-out and spankings (fun, fun, fun…ugh)
- he loves his friends and just being around people in general
- he's gotten pickier about food, but is still a good eater
- is interested in "tee-teeing" outside and sometimes in the toilet, but has only successfully done it in the….bathtub
- despite the challenges that come with a 2-year-old, we have some of the most precious moments, especially at the end of the day

I also took a few photos of the two of them for her birth announcements, and these are two of my favorites (unedited, but adorable!).  

And just a few randoms from lately :)

not even sure he remembers his days in the crib,
but he wanted to check it out again!

happy father's day to this one :)

big smile


celebrating Diddy's 30th birthday!

Monday, May 19, 2014

One month :: Delle

We've made it to one month!  Hallelujah.

I did the official one month photos (a few days late, as usual), and this is how we started...

I ran to go get something and poor baby girl just fell straight over.  Oops.

This was the best we got…

Guess it was better than Hammond's?

There was no way this guy was going to miss out on the action.  He really wanted to hold "Baby Delle." 

Here are a few other photos I've snapped throughout the first month.

I love it when she has her eyes open!
(during the day, that is :)

our new bedtime routine has a full bed!

As with Hammond, we wanted to go with all family names.  Delle is my maternal grandmother's middle name, and Louise was my paternal grandmother's first name.  

Here is Delle with her living namesake, Ruth Delle Hadley Reeve.

And here are her stats.

10 lbs 5 oz - 85th %
22.5 in long - 95th %

Have I mentioned that this little guy is a great big brother?!  Seriously.  These videos sum it up well.  He is always talking about "baby Delle."  "Baby Delle napping."  Baby Delle bottle." "Hey Baby Delle." Etc. Etc.  

Monday, May 12, 2014

thoughts on two (and parenthood, in general)

Newborn babies are hard.  I'll just start there.  They are precious and sweet and easy to hold and love on.  Then nighttime rolls around, and you remember how hard it is.  

I'll be honest and tell you that I had a pretty tough time when Hammond was a newborn.  It was only one kid, and I was home all day.  But, I'm pretty sure the fog didn't lift until after the first month (maybe two?!) of his life.  Of course, I look at him now and realize how short that season was, and how much I enjoy him now, but at the time it was hard.  
I was frozen when Hammond was a baby, but having a two-year-old, along with a newborn, means that I can't be.  Life still goes on and there is a little boy who needs me to help his world go round.  So, here are a few thoughts of what it's been like to have two kids (for just a few weeks, so far), and other reminders of having a newborn...

I can survive on much less sleep than I realized.  There's only a small window in my day where I have the choice to nap, cook, or do anything else that is hard/impossible with a two-year-old and/or baby awake.  So, most days I survive off of the little sleep I've gotten the night before.  And I'm surviving!

(I love this excerpt (apparently Hammond did, too!) when I think of the middle of the night feedings!) -->

Babies can cry.  It's ok.  And potentially better for her if I choose to let her cry sometimes now, since I'm going to let her eventually!

Mamas need a whole lot of grace (cause our hormones are nuts).  Especially these first few weeks.  It's not fair.  And I can't rest or find excuses in that, but I'll certainly take all the grace I can get.

It is a lonely, and temporary, season.  Those first few weeks, that is.  Homebound, with said hormones all over the place.   And a two-year-old to entertain.  It's just lonely.  But so short-lived.  

I am only surviving by the grace of God, and lots of prayerful friends.  An amazing husband's support and help.  And maybe some perspective.  Oh, and wine -- at least a little.  More details below.

Friendship is a sweet, sweet thing.  I'm realizing just how precious our friends are.  My friends, who are constantly checking in on me, and asking how they can help.  Hammond's friends, whose mama's are so kind to take him out for play dates.  Our family's friends who are constantly giving.  Praying.  Etc.  And to tag on…

Meals are potentially even more impactful for #2 (and I imagine #3, #4, etc).  Thank you, friends, for your meals!

My husband is my favorite.  And anytime I feel like I'm stuck or homebound or lonely, I'm reminded that I'm getting a lot of quality time (albeit stressed, tired, and hormonal) with my favorite human.  No way I could do this without him.  No way.

You have to do what works for your family.  For any baby that you have.  For any family decision, for that matter.  Otherwise, you'll drive yourself crazy.  Whether it's to nurse or not to nurse, what method of parenting to choose, or what baby items you need.  (Other moms, check yourself before you judge!)

Every season can feel like the hardest.  In high school, I thought every decision was the hardest.  Same for college.  Then, if I could just make it to a full-time job.  Or marriage. Or kids.  Now it's me thinking things will be easier when my kids are older.  I don't want to wish away their childhood.  And that's just not the truth.  Each season comes with its own set of challenges.  

Finally, raising babies is selfless.  It just is.  And when I really think about that, it's a beautiful thing.  I saw this today on instagram -->.  And it's so true.  This season is mainly so tough because it goes against my selfish nature.  I have to be the most selfless version of myself - serving helpless little people who need me.  

But I'm not having babies to better my own world (well, that's only part of the reason, cause they sure are cute).  I'm having babies to grow them into adults who love Jesus and who will be a light to this world.  So, yeah, it's hard.  But, that's not the point!  (Now if I can just remember this all day -- and night -- long!)

And wine doesn't hurt.  In small doses.  :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

We've Got Ourselves a GIRL!

The majority was right (43 votes girl, 33 votes boy)!  And it appears that Hammond was, too.

Last Monday, April 14th, 2014 at 4:27pm, Miss Delle Louise Hargather was born.

 Jamie telling the family

Hammond checking out pictures of baby Delle

8 lbs, 12 oz, 20 5/8 inches long

A beautiful baby girl, with dark hair!

To tell the truth, Jamie and I both realized just how much we thought it was going to be a boy -- because when he announced it was a girl we were totally shocked!  In fact, a few minutes after he told me, I asked him "it's really a girl??"  

We spent 4 nights in the hospital, and are home now trying to get adjusted.  Thankfully, Hammond is spending some time with both sets of grandparents, and we are enjoying the downtime.  But, we are excited to get him back soon and to watch him be an amazing big brother!

Hello family of four!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Boy or Girl??

So, the big question as we prepare for Baby H.2 to be here in 6 DAYS (?!) is….

Boy or Girl?

Just for kicks, I thought it'd be fun to create a poll and see what you think.  If you have time, either use the poll above, or write in the comment section.  

Guess we'll know soon!

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Big Boy Room

As we were preparing to make room for baby #2, we decided to go ahead and transition Hammond to a big boy bed before the babe arrived.  What was formerly our guest bedroom, is now all decked out for a little boy!

The first "nap" was a disaster.  After a few weeks, he started getting out of the bed as soon as he woke up.  But, finally, somehow, he got the hang out it.  And he's been sleeping full time (naps + all night) in his big boy bed, without getting out until mommy or daddy comes to get him, for over a month now.  We're talking a whole hour of entertaining himself in the mornings, and sometimes in the afternoons!  So thankful.  

It's also helped us talk to him about the baby that's coming.  "Who's bed is the crib going to be?  That's right, the baby."  "There's baby's room."  

Here are a few photos of the room ::
(pardon the empty frames…I'm anticipating a few new pics of H + his baby sibling to fill them!)

We left the queen sized bed in there, with the hopes that we'll still be able to house guests.  I just put two pillows under the comforter on the left side when he sleeps, to keep him from falling off, and then he's got all the room in the world to stretch out.  And he does!

This kid loves to read, and he loves to read with mommy and daddy.  So, I really wanted to have a chair in there.  My mom has had this rocker for as long as I can remember, and gave it to us to have when H was a baby.  We recovered the seat, and it fits perfectly in the corner.  Plus, I envision mommy rocking a baby in there while H runs around like a wild man in his room.

This is our "gallery wall" of some fun items. 

Grandma Sue-Sue had Hammond's "jersey" (or onesie) from the Baby Race framed, along with some photos from the event.  And my mom, Honey, painted the doggy (Scout, anyone?) with the fun saying around it…for Hammond's 2nd bday.  And I just can't ever have enough photos in a room, so the bulletin board was a must.  It's also a great place for us to keep our memory verse from Waumba Land (Prov. 17:17 this month!).  

All of his books are in that one little dresser, and I LOVE that they're hidden.  We love our books, but he's got so many that it's nice to have somewhere to stash them.  And the shelves above are the pallet shelves that I had made for our master bedroom (still haven't replaced them, but I've got grand plans for our master).  

I also have high hopes that this little fellow will spend lots of time reading in his big boy chair.  Especially in the next few months!  The little guy loves that there is a deer above his bed. :)

And perhaps my favorite part of his new room??

The closet!  I finally got to ORGANIZE all of Hammond's toys.  We've got truck/car bins, a music bin, a bin full of blocks, a misc bin, our art bin, and one full of all the balls a kid could imagine.  I've even got empty bins on the bottom shelf, in anticipation of a few new toys coming our way.  Plus, I can fit his bigger toys (shopping cart, a train he can ride, the golf clubs) in there when it's time for bed at the end of the day.  Have I even mentioned that a clean and tidy house really helps keep me sane?!

We love our little house, and I love that Hammond now has a fun, big boy room!