Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years Eve

We're concluding one of the most amazing weeks yet with a super relaxed NYE.  We definitely debated on whether or not we needed to take advantage of the last year we can go out without worrying about a babysitter.  But, in the end, we just decided that after a full day, we'd make a night of home.  

This morning we took Scout to a park on the Chattahoochee, where he could run around and chase after sticks into the water.  It was a beautiful day, and he had a ball.  

I love this photo.  Man + his dog + nature.

After treating ourselves to a really yummy home cooked dinner (I'm talking filets, veggies, and cheesecake for dessert), we realized that we couldn't find our dog.  Want to know where he'd snuck off to?  

This is underneath our bed.  He'd seen me cleaning out and organizing under there this week, and I guess he decided it'd be a nice place to hang.  He's been acting slightly odd this week...maybe he really does know there's a baby on the way? 

after I'd cleared some of the clutter to try to woo him out

And now, this is what we're doing...cheering on the Auburn Tigers in our pj's.  

And I'm pretty confident the below photo will be an accurate portrayal of us before 11pm.  

actual photo taken last night at 10:30pm :)

Wow...guess this means we are officially old.  Oh well...Happy New Year!  I have a hunch 2012 is going to be our best one yet. :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

a week off

Christmas was so wonderful...last one without a little one, which made for a very grown up holiday.  But we enjoyed being with my family, sleeping in, trying to keep Scout tame for my mom, and envisioning what next year will be like.  So grateful for family, and time with them.

I am also so, so incredibly grateful to have the week off from work this week.  I can't stress that enough.  But, I feel like this picture below depicts how I'm feeling.'s coming really soon!  We've got to get a move on!

So, this week we are spending all of our time purging, organizing, rearranging, painting, re-doing furniture, registering (well, it's happening at some point!), cleaning, and the list goes on.  There's a part of me that secretly loves all of this, so no need for a pity party.  It's tiring work, but so gratifying in the or no baby on the way.  I'm just so glad that I have a full week to focus on the arrival of our babe.  And it's amazing how in the midst of all of this, I've managed to realize the things we need to get done on our house, too!  It's as though I forget we'll still have a life after the little one arrives. :)

And this guy is so confused, trying to figure out what in the heck is going on...

Little does poor Scout realize that his world is about to be rocked as well.  I am confident (or else just trying to convince myself so that I won't go crazy) that this pup will be a great big brother!  

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I know this blog has turned into all photos, but I can't help but post a few of these next ones.  We got to see Baby H in 3D this afternoon!!  Our sweet family friend, Barry, let about 6 of us cram into his office to ooh and ah...and laugh at our baby's sense of humor (seriously, it already has one).  

It was crazy, and to be honest, little babe was a little funny looking. :)  But, it was so neat.  Cannot wait to meet him or her in just a few short months!  

 baby is flexible!

 What a crazy little miracle!  

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Scout at the beach

Over Thanksgiving, we got the chance to take Scout to Charleston with us.  And he got to experience the ocean for the first time!  It was so fun to watch him...he had a ball.  As I'm sure you're all dying to see some, below are some photos of Scout on the beach. 

And yes, I just posted a whole lot of pictures of my he's my first born.  What has happened to me?!  I've totally turned into a dog lover.

Monday, December 19, 2011

ghost of Christmas past

As most of you know, my brother and his wife live in Madagascar.  Last week, he was preparing to give a talk on Christmas in America and asked my mom to send him some old photos from our Christmas' growing up.  They were way too good not to share!  

my mom used to do an amazing job of decorating our entire home for
Christmas.  pretty sure my love of white lights came from her :) the mantle...and the curtains, wall color, couches, etc

yes, the gifts are outrageous.  my parents, family, friends, etc. 
were all so generous.  and i love the tree.  the tree was probably 
my favorite decoration. all of the ornaments have a story.
we'd decorate while listening to Christmas music, and dad would 
conveniently pop in just in time to put the angel on top of the tree.  

my brother and i sitting on santa's lap (who I'm pretty sure is my Papa).
and i'm pretty sure my mom made the dress i'm wearing.

one of our official Santa visits at the Augusta Mall.  definitely
sure my mom made at least all of her daughters' outfits.

we made gingerbread houses every year for as long as i can remember.
and these were from scratch.  no kits.  we made the dough, used homemade
stencils, homemade icing, and rolled out for all the little men, women, and trees!

a few years in a row, my mom and her friends went nuts with the
gingerbread house making.  pretty sure we were featured in augusta
magazine, and they were all sold for a charity.  but it was crazy!

the gingerbread house-making process

and another one

and every year, the augusta ballet put on the nutcracker.  (that's me, 
as a sheep, 2nd from the right...i think).  i tried the ballet thing for a few
years, and never could figure out why i wasn't ever a party child or toy 
soldier like all my friends.  then, i realized it was because i was 5 ft tall
at age 10, and not the most graceful person you'd ever met.  :)

speaking of nutcrackers, this is from one Christmas when the parents 
took Andy + I to NYC in early December. somehow Jennifer and RA got 
their own trips, but I was happy to share the experience with Andy (well, 
probably not at the time, but you know...).  also this was during my
lipstick wearing phase in middle school.  yes, i was in middle school 
in the photo.  i was always "mature looking" for my age. 

my mom (whose back of the head is in the forefront of this photo)
directed one of our childrens' choirs at church for as long as i can remember. 
and every Christmas we put on a lovely Christmas play.  little sister, Robin
Anne, is the one in the long brown shepherds' tunic, 3rd from the left.

and without fail, even up until today!, we would visit the nativity
at a local hospital.  we thought it was the coolest thing because the wise
men started out about 100 ft from the stable, and every day they'd get a
little closer.  until, finally, on Christmas, they'd arrive.  Jesus didn't debut
until Christmas morning either.  here we are with our best friends, the
Goldsmith family.  Kathryn and I are on the far right.

and finally, i'll leave you with this lovely family Christmas card.  my 
mom has never missed the opportunity for a Christmas card picture, and
we're still doing them today!  and as my friend, ansley pointed out,
she gets them out by the beginning of December, without fail!

Friday, December 9, 2011


Here are a few photos of our time in Augusta over Thanksgiving...

Molly Kate + Robin Anne...our two spring weddings

we fit a lot of people around this table!

our favorite spot at the house...the back porch

sweet family

Hutton hanging out with Scout

our crazy spread of food

warm-up for the annual football game

Coach Aaron

Hadley + Kelly

After going through all of my sisters' old baby things, Jamie
thought he should try on the Baby Bjorn, to get used to it :)

our stack of thankful!