Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Current Drink Favorite

While most people are content with their daily cup of joe, my drink choice changes by the week, as I've mentioned before.  Working at Starbucks managed to open my eyes to the millions of drink choices that exist!  (I mean, who knew that when you put a couple of pumps of vanilla into an earl grey latte it makes such deliciousness?!  Not me, until I was working there.)

As we are moving into fall with this amazing weather, my affinity for all things pumpkin has kicked into high gear.  However, when we were in California, for some reason all I could think about cider!  

While my grandma's recipe for apple cider trumps all others (will post that soon), Starbucks has stepped in for the meantime.  And thanks to my super awesome friend, Lindsay Tarquinio, after tweeting about my cravings on Monday night, I had a Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider on my desk on Tuesday morning (if that's all the good that comes out of twitter, I'm content!).  

If you're interested in hearing what I believe is the best version of this beverage, continue on.  For a tall, Starbucks uses 3 pumps cinnamon dolce syrup, apple juice, caramel sauce, and whipped cream.  It's really yummy, but can be too sweet depending on your tastebuds and/or time of day.  I think the perfect combo for a tall is 2 pumps cinn. dolce, light caramel sauce, and no whip.  Mmmmmmm.  To the right you can see the nutritional info for a tall w/ no whip.  Not too bad :)

So go out and try one.  It's perfect for the fall weather!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Jamie and I are headed to Carmel-by-the-Sea, California today!  We're going to visit Jamie's best childhood friend, Luke, and his wife, Courtney, who have rented a house out there for the month of September.  They are super generous people, and we are super excited that they extended the invitation.  They should know the ropes, and have got most of our days planned out.  And we're just looking forward to spending some quality time with them.  

And did I mention that Jamie gets to play golf here?  That's one round I might just tag along!  

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall Decorations

One of my favorite things about fall (aside from pumpkin everything!!) is the decor.  I think this is God's way of easing me into cooler weather (not a fan of the cold), but there is so much to love about fall in the area of colors and decorations.  And when I say decor, I mean simple!  No covering every inch of countertop with fake leaves and pumpkins.

I've never been one of those girls with a decorator's touch.  I don't go through magazines looking for ideas for drapes, wall colors, room layouts, etc (although I really wish I was!).  Instead, I fill my time thinking how I'd like to decorate for the next season.  I've got tons of ideas of what I'd like to do, but as we're a newly married couple with plans to eventually buy a house, I'm trying to get creative (and affordable!) with how I decorate.  

Here are some pictures that of what I'm talking about....

My first fall centerpiece in our condo.
(I've promised the husband that I'll wait til October to start with 
pumpkins.  Meaning I'll be buying some October 1st!)

Might be a little much, but I love this 
entryway featured in the latest Pottery 
Barn catalogue.  Talk about a warm welcome!

I also LOVE soft lighting and candles.  Love that these
lanterns are filled with candy corn and coffee beans (I think?!).
Don't be surprised if this idea winds up in our home.

Although I really love the PB lanterns, I found these
from Ikea that start at $6.99!  That's over $20 saved.
I'll be purchasing some of these soon!

Love the pear and pumpkin candles!

And fresh flowers and gourds are a must!

And since we all know I love entertaining.....
These halloween cookies are adorable and look reallly yummy!

I used this idea last year for a Halloween party that we 
hosted for a friend.  It is great decor and super practical!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kanye's Response to Atlanta's Flooding

Sunday, September 20, 2009


If you know me well enough, you know that I love to entertain!  Always have.  I love a full house, love to try out new recipes, love an excuse to buy fresh flowers.  Once I became a wife, I fell in love with entertaining even more.  Now that I've got my own home and we got all these great serving pieces, it just seems natural.  Add in the fact that I've succumbed to the stereotype that entertaining is just one characteristic of being a good wife (this took no persuading...I gladly took it on :). 

On the weekends when we have friends over, we consider this as an occasion to open a bottle of wine to share over dinner.  We all know I'm a sucker for making (and remembering!) memories, so I started taking a sharpie and writing the names and date down on the cork (Megan & Samuel bring Baby Grant over to visit, Penny Lane's first birthday, date night with the husband, etc).  And I keep all the corks in a glass jug.  I love that I have these memories kept in our home. 

Some of the corks I've kept.

The glass jugs used to keep the corks.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TEDx Atlanta

Unboundary hosted the very first TEDx Atlanta at our office on Tuesday.  TED - the mother conference - is all about "ideas worth sharing."  They do this through technology, entertainment, and design.  TEDx is an independent, local, self-organized event that exists with the hopes of bringing a TED-like experience to your city.  

I'll share our story in pictures, but you can find out more here.

Prep Shots      

             TEDx Atlanta              

First up...performance by Eric Lewis

Mr. Brightside

Michael Meyer | Climate Change & Transportation:
The Imperatives Facing Our Lifetime

Ciannat Howett | Educating for a 
Sustainable Future

Gregory Todd Jones | Rethinking Individuality

Round 1 | Q&A
[sidenote: three Atlanta universities 
represented here - Tech, Emory, Georgia State]
Richard Farson | The Power of Design:
Transforming Everything

Carl Hodges | Re-engineering Our 
Oceans & Atmospher

Justin de Leon | Documenting Africa:
The Effects of Giving
(my favorite!)

Greg Lindsay | The Evolution of Cities

Keith Eigel | Innovating Ourselves

round 2 | Q&A

the grits bar!  kindly provided by chef
shane touhey of dogwood restaurant

brisket & grits!!
[not pictured: pimento cheese grits!]

Dawn came up with this nifty idea so we could eat our grits 
and hold our wine glasses.  can you see how many grits
containers I have stacked up?  mmmmmmm.

Eric Lewis for the closer

to simulate certain sounds, eric plays the strings
of the piano - a technique I've never seen before

the grand finale

[all photos courtesy of David Naugle]

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ellen DeGeneres Named Permanent Replacement for Paula Abdul

Yep.  Ellen DeGeneres is officially number four of the judges to grace us with their presence on Season 9 of American Idol.  While I think she will be a supremely entertaining addition to the show (I'm a total closet fan!), I must say that I'm a little doubtful of her ability to accurately judge a contest based on singing and performing.  

Guess we'll see.  

In conclusion, I leave you with a video from The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  My favorite part?  When she has her dance party!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

He had it comin'

So guess what I'm doing tonight?

Going to see Chicago!!!
This is Sue's (the Mother-in-law) favorite show ever, so when I found a discount on tickets a few weeks back, we nabbed 'em.  I'm lucky enough to join in with two other Hargather women and a few others!  And I hear we have great seats!  It's playing at the Fox Theatre, and if you've never been to the Fox, it's a must for the next time you visit the ATL.  Oh, and did I mention Jerry Springer is starring in it?!  Hilarious.  Back with more tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Becoming a Hargather...


1 - First, learning how to say your new name, then the quickest way to spell it out for others.  Pronounced:  Harg-a (short "a") - ther.  Spelled:  Har - gather (rhyming w/ rather).

2 - Recognizing that dogs are a part of the family.  
Gabby & Bailey Hargather

3 - Lyrics don't matter, just as long as you can sing/hum your way through a song (unless taking part in #6, in which lyrics are provided).  

4 - Working out is not just reserved for big holidays, when you know you're going to stuff your face.  It's a way of life.  :)

5 - The ideal life would be spent on the beach, living in a bathing suit (perhaps good incentive for #4).   

Jamie, Sue, Kelly, & Dave snorkeling in Grand Cayman
last year.  (P.S. I was the photographer of that sweet shot.)

6 - Karaoke is the perfect ending to a great party.

                                  Me & Jamie I J's Bday 2007                                                    RA, Kelly & Me I J's Bday 2008

7 - Depending on which type of Hargather you don't skip dessert (Thank you, thank you to Kelly and Dave for this one!!).

8 - You must represent the ATL in all of its athletic endeavors.  
  Go Braves!                                               Go Panthers!                                                    Go Falcons!
9 - Friends are important, and family is essential.  

The Hargather trip to Raleigh I August 2009

*Of course, many of these things were learned growing up as an Allen, but I sure am grateful to have them reiterated with my amazing new family additions!