Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TEDx Atlanta

Unboundary hosted the very first TEDx Atlanta at our office on Tuesday.  TED - the mother conference - is all about "ideas worth sharing."  They do this through technology, entertainment, and design.  TEDx is an independent, local, self-organized event that exists with the hopes of bringing a TED-like experience to your city.  

I'll share our story in pictures, but you can find out more here.

Prep Shots      

             TEDx Atlanta              

First up...performance by Eric Lewis

Mr. Brightside

Michael Meyer | Climate Change & Transportation:
The Imperatives Facing Our Lifetime

Ciannat Howett | Educating for a 
Sustainable Future

Gregory Todd Jones | Rethinking Individuality

Round 1 | Q&A
[sidenote: three Atlanta universities 
represented here - Tech, Emory, Georgia State]
Richard Farson | The Power of Design:
Transforming Everything

Carl Hodges | Re-engineering Our 
Oceans & Atmospher

Justin de Leon | Documenting Africa:
The Effects of Giving
(my favorite!)

Greg Lindsay | The Evolution of Cities

Keith Eigel | Innovating Ourselves

round 2 | Q&A

the grits bar!  kindly provided by chef
shane touhey of dogwood restaurant

brisket & grits!!
[not pictured: pimento cheese grits!]

Dawn came up with this nifty idea so we could eat our grits 
and hold our wine glasses.  can you see how many grits
containers I have stacked up?  mmmmmmm.

Eric Lewis for the closer

to simulate certain sounds, eric plays the strings
of the piano - a technique I've never seen before

the grand finale

[all photos courtesy of David Naugle]