Thursday, January 30, 2014

snow days

I've got no comments on the craziness that invaded Atlanta, followed by the snowfall, over the past few days.  But I do have lots of great stories and pictures!  

Hammond's first discovery of the powdery white stuff ::

trying to taste it :)

impromptu date night with his girlfriend and her parents :)

no real gear for the little man, so we did our best!
ziploc bags, covered with socks, taped on his wrist…worked like a charm,
 and his hands were sweating when we took them off!

no real sleds, either

but kayaks work pretty well!

another impromptu neighborhood party!

Once we knew everyone was safe and sound, it was a fun few days with family and friends!

Monday, January 27, 2014

happy new year!

I've been gone since November, and while I apologize, we've had a lot of life happen these past few months!  

But, I'll start your news years off with one of my favorite stories - 

Jamie and I are a part of a church in Buckhead that we love, appropriately named Buckhead Church.  From the time we committed to making this place our church home, we were well informed of their vision for members - Connect. Serve. Give. Invite.

Today's story comes from the Serve aspect.

Because of really great experiences that Jamie and I both had with our own college ministries, we decided to invest our energy and resources into the college ministry at BC.  And our lives will never be the same.

Three and a half years ago, we became adult leaders (ha! makes me feel old!) for a small group of freshman college students who would gather at our house once a week and attempt to learn more about Jesus and grow in their faith.  While we've seen some of those students come and go, there are a few who have stuck with us and we've had the privilege to watch them grow, mature, wrestle through some serious stuff, and become somewhat like our surrogate children.  Thankfully, we have at least a year left with most of them, but...

Two of those boys were Lucas + Victor, international student athletes at Georgia State.  They both came from Brazil and played tennis for four years.  Both of their stories were different, but the two became like brothers, and partly because they were so far from home we became their American parents.  

We've had the huge honor of seeing incredible life change happen in them over the years.  Victor made the decision to give his life to Jesus and got baptized (you should check out his video here!), they won countless tennis matches and even got to go to the NCAA tennis championship as doubles partners (and made it to the round of 16!), invested and changed the lives of all those that knew them, and brought such fun, hysterical laughter, and life!  

Victor and Lucas graduated from Georgia State University this past December, graciously spent the Christmas season with us, and then headed back to Brazil to begin their post-graduate lives at home with their families.  We are so excited to see what's to come for them, and yet sad to see them leave.  

Victor & Lucas, we consider you a part of our family (Hammond already misses his big brothers!), and can't wait to come visit soon!  

And here's an awesome video they put together for us just the other day!