Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Three months :: Delle

This little bit is 3 months old!  I've said it before, but as precious and sweet as newborns are, it keeps gettin' better!

Here's what she's up to ::
- becoming alert, and even giving us a few smiles (as evidenced in the photos below)
- still napping 3x/day, and sleeping 12ish hours at night (with a dream feed)
- for the most part, she's a chill baby.  happy when awake, and deals so well with her big brother's shenanigans.  seriously, he's all over her!
- of course, fussy time is the usual, and it's just chaos at our house (I know, I know, it's only 2 kids, but still!)
- her 2 months stats (that were really at 11 weeks) put her at 85% height and 91% weight

Official shots ::

And a few random ::

being the perfect model for mama, while 
her brother was running around like a nut

trying hard to hold onto a teething toy

up close

she's been wanting to sit up for so long,
but this is the best we've got so far