Monday, September 26, 2011

eating our way through Rochester

Thanks so much for all the sweet words about the lil' baby in my belly!  We are really so excited, and I am SO happy that we can finally let the world know!  I've got lots of pictures, etc to come, but thought that today I should tell you about the way we ate our way through Rochester, NY this past weekend. :)

Of course the main event was cousin Dan and Laura's wedding, but we managed to turn it into one big eating-fest while we were there.  Met lots of cousins that I hadn't until now, and we had such a blast with all of the Hargather family!  They remind me so much of my extended family...I just wish we could see them more often.  

Forgot my real camera, so here's a glimpse of the wknd through my iPhone pics.  

Jamie and precious Ollie, one of my favorite lil' kids!
J got lots of daddy practice this weekend, and he was amazing!

Jamie's cousin Shawn (red shirt) owns General Hoock's, which is a one man
show with some of the best (and heftiest) breakfast food I've had 

Kelly and our first course, French Toast + Bacom

Jamie and I with the main meal, a breakfast sandwich monstrosity
(eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, cheeses, french bread, and a meat sauce) 

J + Kelly at the bar area of General Hoock's 

the newlyweds!

70 mini pies that sweet Aunt Debi made...yum!

first dance...Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hoock

Jamie and Ollie

our final meal on Sunday afternoon after church with all of the family;
then we all played PIG (card game similar to Spoons)

By the end of the weekend, you had to roll us onto the plane, but it was such a fun trip! Hope it's not too long til we get to see the Rochester cousins again!


Deb said...

Oh Molly, I love your words and photos about the weekend, but more than that I love you!!!! And husband and baby of course!!! We were blessed by the presence of all of you!!!! We thank God for all of you.

Molly Hargather said...

Thank you, sweet Debi! And I love you too...and your whole family! Had so much fun this weekend. Grateful for the hospitality and the amazing people we get to call family!