Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Ever wish you could be two places at once? There is so much good going on this weekend, that I think I'd like to be more than just two places! But, such is life, (and we're super excited about our trip north!), but I wanted to share two awesome sets of couples that are gettin' HITCHED on Saturday!

First up, the fabulous Devon Pasquariello and fiance, Ryan McGinnis. Devon is a former co-worker, but in the process of working together for a few years became a dear, close friend. She moved to Indy a few years ago so that she and Ryan could live in the same town, but she's coming back to GA (one of my favorite cities, Athens, to be exact) to let the wedding bells ring. Devon is one of the most laid-back people I know, with one of the biggest hearts as well. Those are just two of the reasons I wish we could be there to celebrate with them this weekend (oh, and also because she's going to be one amazingly beautiful bride!). So grateful I could soak up some quality time with you yesterday, Devon! Congrats, you two.

love this photo of Ryan and Devon

Next up, the GA Hargathers are traveling up north to join the Rochester, NY Hargathers in celebrating Dan and Laura's wedding weekend! I'm super excited about this trip, because these are some of J's relatives that I've spent the least time with (but enjoy so much!). We leave bright and early Friday morning, and arrive to even cooler temperatures than what Georgia is having now. These guys are so much fun, but even better than that, they are some of the most amazingly solid believers that we know. It's going to be such a rich weekend. :) Really excited to spend some quality time with them all, and spend Saturday celebrating this beautiful couple...

Cousin Dan, and soon-to-be cousin Laura


Deb said...

Aww...we can't wait to see you!!!!