Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Violin playing, Horseback Riding, Basketball shooting Soccer star!

Random #14 - Growing up, I wanted to have my hand in everything. 

I started with tee-ball around 5 years old.  After not doing much more than dancing in the outfield, I moved on.

I was part of our country club's swim team for four years in elementary school.  I almost drowned on my first attempt at I.M. (true story) and breast stroke was my best stroke.  

Violin lessons and horseback riding followed, in the 4th grade.  

Once I got to middle school, I decided to take on a bundle of sports, thus causing mom to make me quit the previous two adventures.  I played volleyball, soccer, tennis, and basketball for school.

My mom was/is a phenomenal piano player, so I decided maybe I'd give that a shot as well.  

In 8th grade, I decided I wanted to learn to sow, so mom put me in a class - all I have to show for it is a lousy pair of red and white polka dotted shorts and matching handbag.

My freshman year of high school, I joined the church choir and started singing solos.  I have actually recorded a cd (don't ever ask me for it - terrible!).

Throughout high school, I lettered all four years in cheerleading, basketball, soccer, and tennis.

My senior year, I was looking for something fun to do so I took a drama class.  We put on the first one-act play at ARC in over 10 years.  You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, in which I was Lucy.  We even went to competitions.

Throughout college, I played on various intramural teams.  Some of the most random tournaments I was in are badminton and racquetball (and track, which is only random because I am the worst sprinter in the world!).

One summer out of college, mom and I took a knitting class.  One extremely short scarf later and I haven't seen my needles since.

My senior year of college I decided that I needed to find a consistent form of exercise so I started running.  Never made it to the half marathon, but I did run a 10K.
Looking back, I sure do wish there was just one thing that I was still really great at.  Oh well.  It sure was fun in the process :)

P.S.  If I can get my hand on some pictures of some of these adventures (which would require a return trip to Augusta), I'll be sure to post them at a later date.


devon said...

Oh I'm all about learning what you like through process of elimination. Sometimes it's the best way :)