Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Random #4 - I eat Mexican food at least once a week.  I should probably clarify that it's not always technically Mexican (sometimes it's Cuban or Spanish or Latin), but the bottom line is that chips and salsa and cheese dip and burritos and margaritas are staples in my diet.  It's usually on my weekly date with my friend, Jessica, that we wind up consuming all of the above, and we very often find ourselves eating until we can't breath anymore.  I've said before that if I could only cut Mexican out of my diet, I'd probably lose 10 pounds right away!  

My "Mexican" awards - 

Best Veggie Burrito - LaFondas
Best Shrimp Tacos - Nuevo Laredo
Best Chips and Salsa - Uncle Julio's (formerly known as Casa Grande)
Best Cheap Mexican - El Azteca
Best Environment - Loca Luna
Best glassware and "buy your margarita pitcher and glass right off the table" - No Mas Cantina
Best Margarita - Sue Hargather (she's not a restaurant, but she does make the best ones I've tasted!!)

I've just eaten lunch and yet I'm totally craving all of the above.  Mmmmmm!