Thursday, February 12, 2009

Denim and Sunflowers

Trying to tie in the fact that Jamie and I just had our engagement photos taken.  So....

Random #5 - When I was around 13 years old, my mom decided (more like we begged her) to take my sister and I to a "Model and Talent Expo," if you will.  Now, I'm not ashamed to admit that I was not what one would call a "cute" kid.  I was 5" by the time I was 10, weighing in at about 85 lbs.  And my mom loved to give me perms, dress me in the latest 80's fashion (including large bow on top of the head), and I had glasses and braces.  Whatever.  My sister, on the other hand, was stinking adorable.  With my mom being my mom, she couldn't tell me that I shouldn't even take a stab at modeling and then proceed to take Robin Anne to the event (although as her child she probably still thought I was beautiful, right mom?).   

Anyhow, we took head shots in these awesome denim hats with a huge sunflower smack dab in the middle and went on our way.  Needless to say, Robin Anne got called back by 3 of the agencies and I got called back to a big fat 0.  At the time, it probably crushed me, but the good news is that it didn't crush me enough for me to be permanently scarred.  

And!  Since then I have made my debut in the FedEx Annual Report, the Unboundary video flipbook, and an Interface sales video.  All have totally made up in self-esteem for the fact that I was rejected by those modeling agencies.  Look whose laughing now? :)

Not really tying in, but on the subject of pictures, Jamie and 
I had our engagement photos taken this past weekend!  And I think they turned out pretty darn well!  If you'd like to see more, head over to Dan and Anne's blog.  I have loved everything they have shot for any of our friends, and am really looking forward to having them capture our wedding!  If you'd like more info on them, check out their main website.  


K_Streams_Her_C said...

Molly — your pictures are beyond stunning (not that I'm surprised in the slightest). What a gorgeous and happy couple!