Wednesday, February 8, 2012

continued (again)...

11 - There are a few places that a pregnant woman just feels out of place.  A few examples?

- We volunteer with the college ministry at our church, and typically attend their Tuesday night gatherings.  Last night, our church was hosting a huge singles event, as well as the college ministry.  You can only imagine all of the stares and interesting looks I got as I walked through the doors big and pregnant, being welcomed by the sweet host team.  I guess they were thinking I was either single + pregs or in college + pregs...either way that I really did need Jesus. :)

- A liquor store.  I don't spend much time in these, but we were hosting some folks, and I needed to get a few items.  I'm sure they're used to it, but I just felt this need to tell the cashier (and everyone else!) that I wasn't planning on consuming any of it!  

- Parties.  Over Christmas, sister-in-law Kelly + roomies hosted a fun tacky sweater Christmas party.  It was a fun party, but we didn't know a lot of the people, and most of them were young and single.  For those who didn't know us, I know they kept wondering who the old married, pregnant couple was.  Jamie said I should have worn a sign that said "Single and ready to mingle."  It's not like people weren't giving me odd looks anyway!

- Normal retail stores - Over the holidays, I did some Christmas shopping for my sisters at some of my favorite clothes shops.  As I'd pull out different dresses and shirts, the sales people were so nice..."do you want me to start you a fitting room?"  And that's when I just laughed, and said it was nice of them to ask, but none of the clothes were for me. :)