Wednesday, February 22, 2012

one of a kind

On the bright side of my weekend, I did discover this adorable antique store in Marietta - One of a Kind Shoppe.  I had perused Craigslist for a side table, and one of their dealers posted a table that was perfect!  So, I made the trip on Saturday, but the table was gone.  Lucky for me, they had plenty to choose from, and I actually walked away with one that was a much better price.  To make up for the difference, I bought a few other items. :)  Two pieces of silver for the nursery (can't wait to show you the precious silver basket I got!), and a hanging wire basket very similar to this one I'd been eyeing at Ballards, but for half the price!  (Trying to find ways to solve a paper pile-up issue we've been having at home.)  If you're ever in the area you should check it out.  

Another of my favorite antique stores is up that way as well, called A Classy Flea.  While you're at one, you might as well check out the other. That's my only beef with Atlanta antique have to drive all over the city (meaning the suburbs too) to hit up all the good ones.  So, it's nice to have two that I like within a few miles of each other!

On another note, today is my sweet Mama Two's (aka mother-in-law & Grandma Sue-Sue) birthday!  We're celebrating tonight with some friends in downtown Roswell.  As I told her, technically she could share a birthday with her grand baby.  But I really, really hope that doesn't happen, because I'm not quite ready today (why, yes, I am having control issues)!  Regardless, happy birthday Sue!  We love you!!


Bagwell's said...

Being from Marietta - those are always two of my favorite little gems to find things! I need you to go with me one day though and help me!