Friday, February 24, 2012


It's amazing how much one year can hold, and this year is FULL of exciting things for my family.  (The ones affecting our immediate family are in red!)

- In November, my dad turned 60.
- In January, I turned 30.
- In February, my grandma Ruth turned 90.
- In March, my brother-in-law, Tee, turns 40.
- In July, Jamie turns 30.
- In February, Tee's company went public (which, if you're financially illiterate like I am, is a HUGE deal).
- In March, we're having a baby!
- In April, cousin Molly Kate is getting married.
- In May, little sister is getting married! (And so is cousin Reeve!)
- Also in May, my brother and sister-in-law return to the States (from Madagascar, where they've been for 2 years!).
- In July, my dad will go through the primaries for Congress.
- Assuming he's our Republican candidate, the elections will be in November!  

As we've all joked, any of these events (other than the big birthdays, which we are always up for celebrating) are enough to stand alone and make one year busy and exciting.  But, we are certainly blessed...and busy!  Let's pray this baby is flexible, cause we've got lots going on shortly after he or she is born. :)

here's a photo from dad's website...Scout even made the family photo!
(of course, this is sans Andy + Betsy, since they're overseas)