Thursday, February 2, 2012

big brother

Between the new shock collar (have I told y'all about this?  we now have a collar w/ a remote so that we can shock him when we need to...from far when he's digging in the yard and we're inside or trying to eat something he shouldn't...sounds awful but it works wonders!  anyhow, between that) and the fact that there's been lots going on in the soon-to-be nursery, I'm afraid our little Scout is having quite a bit of anxiety.

Since we've been doing lots of work in the nursery, and then we brought home lots of new things from the shower this weekend and laid them out in there, Scout has been acting so weird.  He'll walk into the room and smell everything (which is better than him trying to eat it all!), and then walk out and plop down outside the door.  This is not a normal spot for him to land, so it's been kind of funny.  Example below...

this was him last night...nursery is on the right 

and later on in the night, I found him here...halfway in,
halfway out....just staring
(oh, and here's a glimpse of the nursery!  once we get a few
more things completed, i'll do a post on it...soon!)

Really makes me wonder if he knows that something's up.  And how in the world he's going to respond when one day we leave the house and come home with a baby!!  

Or maybe he knows that he's turning 1 YEAR OLD tomorrow?!  He'll be joining me at work, and we may or may not have a little birthday party planned.  

Either way, I do love this little guy.  And am still convinced he's going to be a great big brother!