Saturday, February 4, 2012

happy birthday, scout!!

Yesterday, this little guy turned 1!  We celebrated by bringing him to my office for the day (he's usually a Tues/Thurs only dog), which is one of his favorite places.  He gets spoiled with love and attention, and of course it gets him out of the house for the day.  Then, we had a little dog play date in our big back room with some of the other dogs...another of his favorites.  Finally, we ended the night with a big ole' dog bone. Oh yeah, and I made him take this picture with a birthday hat on. :)

As Jamie said, "you're doing this all for yourself" (which isn't entirely true), but of course, Scout had no idea what was going on yesterday.  He doesn't know he turned 1, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't celebrate, right?!

Scout, it's been an adventure having you as a dog for the past 8 months!  But, I'd say Jamie and I have learned a lot that will prepare us for parenthood.  And of course, we love you more than we had ever imagined!  Plus, you're the cutest little guy I know.  (And somehow you turned me into a dog lover...obviously!...which is a feat in itself!)


Kristin said...

Happy birthday, Scout! Lots of licks, Max & Maddie

Ashley said...

I love Scout!!! Did you know that? ;)