Monday, February 6, 2012

pregnant ramblings

I realize that my blog is getting overtaken by all things dog + baby, but since it happens to be what's going on in my life right now, forgive me as I continue with a few random ramblings about pregnancy.  

1 - We're 5 weeks away.  Did you hear me?  Only 5 MORE WEEKS?!  See below for the most recent belly photo...

35 weeks...and HUGE

2 - Given that fact, I'm right where I imagined I'd be.  Having procrastinated for the first few months, I now find myself in mild panic mode.  Woke up super early yesterday morning, running through the list of things that we still have left to do.  And it ain't a short list!  

3 - I'm having continuous dreams about all things baby.  The nursery, crying babies, etc.  Last night I dreamed I went into labor while I was in jail.  Not sure why I was in jail, but it was obviously not for anything too serious, considering they let me out to go have the baby.  I even dreamed I was timing contractions.  

4 - If I've changed my mind about one thing on the nursery, I've changed my mind about a million things!  I like to think that I have a decent eye for design, but I just cannot make decisions for the life of me.  And I have trouble envisioning things before they are actually in place.  So, on Saturday, I tediously drew out something I had planned for on the nursery wall...spending a good 45 minutes on it...only to realize that it wasn't going to work, which led me to repainting over my pencil marks and moving on to Plan B.  Thank goodness for my sisters and friends who are opinionated and good at this kind of stuff! :)  If we ever finish it, I'll be sure to post pictures galore!

5 - I'm really tired of wearing the same clothes over and over again.  As I mentioned before, maternity clothes shopping is not very fun.  Anyone ever feel good looking as they pull an outfit on over their overly large belly, while trying to make a normal outfit look as normal as possible...unable to do so considering the elephant in the room (or in your belly...ha...that's when you feel like an elephant!)?  We have my younger sister's engagement party this Saturday, and I found a dress.  Feeling really good about it, I got home to try it on with shoes, jewelry, etc.  Only to realize that it's just impossible to look or feel hott with this big ole' thing in the way!  Sweet?  Precious?  Adorable?  Sure.  But, not hott.

6 - Everything is really crammed in there.  At our childbirth education class on Saturday, our instructor showed us a picture of what our organs look like w/out a baby in there, then what they look like w/ a baby.  No wonder I feel like this kid is all the way up in my rib cage.  Actually, I think it's the organs, but they gotta go somewhere!  And everything's getting a little uncomfortable...can't cross my legs well, bending over is not fun (getting back up is even worse), and my back and feet are squealing at the end of a big day.

7 - For some reason, giving birth doesn't scare me.  I mean, people do it all the time, and tho I hear it's really painful, it's just temporary.  It ends eventually.  It's what happens after we have the baby, like the fact that a sweet little person is going to be totally dependent on us, is what scares me pretty good.  Been praying about that for a while.  

8 - It is totally worth it.  I know I sound like I'm complaining, but the truth is, I just think it's all hilarious.  And I really don't mind being pregnant.  It wouldn't matter anyway, because even though we haven't even met our sweet baby...I'm in love.  To feel him/her move around inside of me, to know that we get the privilege of raising it to know Jesus, and to grow closer to my husband all at the same time.  It's amazing.  Just funny, all at the same time!


DTPfromATL said...

ooooh look at that baby bump! that's more than a bump now!

and whatever, you look totally hot!

your to-do list will get done in time :) don't worry.

big hug,

Ashley said...

yes I agree with D!

I can't wait to see how adorable your nursery is going to be!

eeee baby H!