Sunday, June 3, 2012

Waumba Land

Today we took Hammond to Waumba Land for the first time ever.  As in, we registered, signed in, and dropped our 10 1/2 week baby boy off and went to church without him!

Now, we love our church and it's only possible for us to do this knowing that he will be taken great care of and in the hands of amazing believers who have a desire to see our son grow to know God.  But it was a range of emotions for the dad and I.  

I love our little man, but I didn't struggle with being away from him for an hour.  What got me all emotional was thinking about how these unique ministries at our church are going to have a part in Hammond growing to know Jesus.  The primary responsibility is on J and I, but we LOVE that our church partners with us in such amazing, creative, and intriguing ways.  And today was just the start of many years, environments, and opportunities that Hammond is going to have.  

I happen to think that Buckhead has some of the greatest children's' ministries around, but I am still nostalgic about my home church and my time spent there as a youth.  I'm so looking forward to watching Hammond grow and learn and enjoy his time on Sundays!

a blurry capture of a big moment :)

mom, dad, and uncle rich


Ashley said...

aww big day for baby H! He looks adorable :)

Molly Hargather said...

it was a big day! his two morning naps were totally off..needless to say, he slept well this afternoon! and went to bed early :)