Tuesday, June 26, 2012

oh, the bachelorette

Yes, once again, I'm hooked.  And I just have to say...I am pretty much all team Sean.

But a little bit intrigued by her and Jef.  He definitely makes me laugh!

I'm not one of those people who likes spoilers AT ALL.  So, alas, I'll stick it out the next few episodes with baited breath...waiting to see who Miss Emily Maynard is going to choose in the end.  Why oh why is reality tv so addicting??


Rayne said...

I like Sean too, but think Arie will be "the one"

Gina said...

I totally thought you would be a jef kind of gal...he won me over this week with his puppet skills!! But I still think she should choose Sean. LOVE YOU!!!

nLk said...

i love jef! he's so funny and cool, and she described him perfectly when she said he's humble, but cocky and confident at the same time which is a contradiction. i think i might have to go with sean though to hang out with his family. they're so sweet and preppy and perfect and texas it's ridiculous...down to the playhouse! hope you and your two men are doing well. we need to hang sometime!