Tuesday, June 12, 2012

thoughts on motherhood

These are some random observations I've made during my first few months of motherhood...

- I have figured out why most new moms are constantly in work out clothes.  And although some of them are actually wearing them to work out (you know, to work off the extra pounds the baby left), here are a few other reasons why work out clothes are the outfit of choice...  

There are times when a new mom just needs to get out of the house.  So you go for a walk around the block.  Sometimes multiple times a day.  If you're already in shorts and a t-shirt, you're all set.  

Another reason (for me at least)...they are the ONLY clothes that fit during this terrible in-between stage!  And when I say fit, I use that word loosely.  But, it's a lot easier to fit into a pair of stretchy leggings or shorts than it is to do so in my pre-pregnancy jeans.  And most of my t-shirts are not form fitting!

Have you ever seen a new baby spit up?  Let's just say we do lots of laundry, and I'd rather not be in my nicer clothes when the spit up comes in full force.  

And the final reason...when it's just you and baby all day, sometimes (especially in those first few weeks) it's hard to find the motivation to get dressed.  Let's just be honest.  No, I'm not "letting myself go," just takin' a little break. 

- It's really hard not to talk to Hammond in baby talk.  Have you ever tried it?  Talking to an infant in normal tone?  It's just not natural. 

- Even I can live off less sleep than I would have thought.  

- People are just as nice to me now that I've got a cute little baby with me as they were when I was pregnant.  Of course, they hardly notice that I am there, but why would they, when the most precious little boy is staring them in the face.  So I still get to have the random conversations with grocery store employees, neighbors, etc...just this time it's all about Hammond. :)

- For some reason I feel the need to explain to everyone that Hammond is a family name.  Maybe it's because as soon as they ask me his name and I tell them, they give me a slightly funny look.  Then I tell them it's family, and the look goes away.  Like I've explained it all.

- Once we became parents, for some reason it just become natural for Jamie and I to refer to each other and mommy and daddy.  Kind of odd, but I guess it makes sense considering my mom still refers to my dad as "dad" when talking to us.  

- It really is the greatest thing in the world.  Being a parent, that is.  I don't think I could love the little man more.  Even though it's hard and different and sometimes inconvenient.  It's awesome.  


Bagwell's said...

This post makes me smile. You looked like a natural at church on Sunday and you looked Awesome in your non-work out clothes! But I do agree - stock up on the workout clothes and then you have a reason to support Lululemon - because they're fancy workout clothes....and enjoy it! I've bought 1 tube of mascara in the last 2 years! Great job, Mama, Molly!

Ashley said...

So glad I ran into y'all on Sunday! :)