Wednesday, June 27, 2012

stay-at-home mom

It is official (as of a month or so ago) that Jamie and I decided the best decision for our family is for me to stay home and raise Hammond (and the future Hargather chilen' to come).  Unboundary was super gracious when I let them know, and the truth is, I like to imagine I'll always be a part of that fun, quirky, crazy, loving family. :)  (I've already been back to visit three times!)

But...I am LOVING being home with my little man.  Motherhood is no walk in the park (have I mentioned how tough that first month was?!), but I do feel like we are in a great place.  We've worked hard, and Mr. Hammond is now on a really great schedule, and he gets more adorable, lovable, and just plain precious everyday!  So, although I'm homebound most of the time (by my own choice, as I try not to get him too off schedule and it's just a little more complicated to get out of the house now), I've found a way to get so many house projects completed.  Here are just a few...

re-painting a side table from the guest room
(it's the one originally intended for the nursery, but
then we had the gray fiasco that I referenced here)

making a bulletin board for H's nursery

And the one I'm most proud of...

drapes for the living room!

We've been wanting drapes for about as long as I've been wanting to learn to sew.  Well, my sweet Aunt Kathy helped us kill two birds with one stone when she invited me to Carrollton for a day of sewing (another benefit to stay-at-home-moming?  my new office is mobile :).  What better way to practice than on our new drapes?!