Wednesday, June 20, 2012

father's day

For Jamie's first Father's Day, we ended up having quite the crew.  My sister, Bob, and mom & dad were all in town for a wedding.  So we decided to have brunch before church to celebrate the dads.  

Scout and I woke up early to get started!


the spread pretty much came straight from Lindsay's repertoire of good for you eats!
so while we were full and satisfied with the yummy food, we didn't feel 
overly stuffed or in a food coma.
[pretty much all my faves: eggs in a cup, granola + yogurt, fruit, + oat pancakes]

there's nothing like a post-church afternoon nap with your dad

how precious are they?!  so sweet.

Jamie and his boys

That night, I brought out the best for the best new daddy in town.  Almond stuffed dates wrapped in proscuitto, topped with manchego and rosemary.  Tuna steaks (using my mom's amazing marinade), edamame + sun dried tomato salad.  And a bottle of wine I'd been saving since my trip to wine country last year with mom and sisters.

All in all, it was a fun day celebrating a great man.  I really can't think of any one I'd rather be on this ride with than Jamie.  He's a man of great faith, impeccable character, and [in my opinion] pretty darn good looking.  Plus, he's a great daddy to our little boy, and he serves our family so well.  

Hope you all had a great Father's Day as well!