Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day weekend in the ATL

We had such a fun Memorial Day weekend.  We actually had a pretty busy weekend, and it almost made life seem normal again.  Not quite the old normal, but the new normal....and it was good!

We started out spending Thursday night celebrating Aunt Kelly's 26th at the
Food Truck Park...and H-man got lots of love all around.  

Then we spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights hanging out close to home,
with neighbors who happen to be friends.  Pretty sure I've gushed about
our neighborhood before, but I really couldn't be more grateful we landed
here.  Especially now that we're a little more homebound with the lil' man.

We spent some time skyping with our favorite Texas twins, Vivi and Drake
(& mom, dad and sister, Jolene).  They're only a week younger than Hammond
(technically even younger since they came early!) and bound to be best buds.

We finally made it back to church...for the first time as a family of THREE!

H is just a few weeks shy of being able to go to Waumba Land, one of 
our church's amazing kids' ministries.  So we sat in the back lobby and watched
Hammond entertain himself (and us!).

Then we headed straight to Roswell to hang out by Grandma Sue-Sue's was a great set-up as we could put Hammond down for all his
naps in the crib she has set up (that Jamie + Kelly both slept in!)

We let Hammond try out the pool
[sidenote: he LOVES the bath!!]

Turns out it was just a little too cold for his liking

Sorry bud

love this photo

Memorial Day breakfast at West part about our new alarm clock
(Hammond, that is)?  we get places early enough to miss the crowd!

And we finished off the weekend celebrating our friend (and neighbor!),
Hannah, celebrate her 30th birthday.  80's style!  Bowling and dinner.  So fun!


Kristin said...

Is it weird if I say Jamie has a nice body? Oh, it is? Too late. I'll just blush next time I see y'all. :) xo

Molly Hargather said... are a mess! he'll take it as a compliment :).

jennifer anderson said...

take it easy on the little guy, ok?