Monday, May 28, 2012

little 2 month old

The little guy is 2 months old (well, technically he's 2 months and one week...forgive me for my tardiness).  Here are a few current facts on the fellow.

- I've decided that the name Hammond is fitting...because our little man is such a HAM!  Seriously.  He is such a happy baby (until it's time for a nap :), and he will flirt with any one who's willing to give him attention.  It has been SO FUN to watch his personality start to develop.

- We've got him on a great schedule (there is destined to be a post on BabyWise coming up has been a GREAT resource for us!), and our days are finally predictable.  

- We are SO close to sleeping through the night!!

- He is, and has been since day 1, in the 50th percentile for weight and 95th for height!  Long and lean baby.

Here are a few 2 month photos.... 

see what i mean?  hammin' it up for the camera


hey brother

officially a thumb sucker

this is the face he makes every time i put him down to get ready for a nap/bed.
his eyes get huge and it's almost like he's saying "noooo!"

(See here for his 1 month.  What a difference a few weeks make!)


JMMarden said...

Hi Molly- I am Kristin Olson's best friend and started following your blog through her. I just had to tell you how adorable Hammond is! Seriously, he is just precious. I just had a little boy in September (our second) and you are in for such a treat- little boys just looove their mamas :)

nLk said...

he is ADORABLE! such a sweet little face.