Thursday, May 10, 2012

nursery vignettes

I know that I have been remiss in posting any pictures of the nursery thus far, but let me explain why.  I am a perfectionist.  And we still have one project left to go (that we're planning to complete this weekend, I hope!).  Plus, there are a few frames with no photos in them yet, and honestly, I just want it completely finished before I reveal all the details! Anyone understand?!  So, I'll strike a deal with you...

After my sister's wedding (which is NEXT Saturday!), I vow to have everything completed and share photos.  (Sometimes you just need a deadline, right?!)

But, for now, I'll leave you with a few of my favorite vignettes around Hammond's room.

remember when i posted about Dawn's shower here?  well, i hadn't told you about the amazing blocks that they made for us!  see Dawn's post on them at her blog for even more close ups, but they are simply brilliant! and hand painted! such an amazing gift from an amazing group of girls. (P.S. Dawn, I've had a few friends ask me where I bought them. I think you could start a business!)

Jamie's grandma, Mimi, was an incredible artist back in the day (and is still rocking it in her 70's!!).  She did the Babar painting on the left years ago for Jamie's nursery.  And then did the one on the right for Mr. Hammond! (And please note the gray + white blocks that Dawn also painted to go with our color scheme!)

Pretty sure I love our diaper caddy.  Just a random something I found 
at T.J. Maxx, but I love it!  I love it when function meets style. 
(and yes, I just said that...ha)

For our nursery guests (with a precious monogrammed
pillow from Aunt Diddy, aka Robin Anne)

mini-pillows for the crib.  (and don't worry, as soon as he can 
move an inch, I'll be taking them out)

But my all-time favorite?!

 this little man.  who is getting so curious about his limbs...
he is so content lying on his back, flailing his arms and legs around.
God bless him. :)


Team Bourlon said...

Everything looks so cute!! I hope ya'll are doing well and enjoying Hammond...this baby stage will be gone before you know it! I keep telling myself that...over and over. :)