Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Wills

This weekend we got to celebrate my sister's wedding in Augusta.  It was a whirlwind, and I'd be lying if I told you I am not exhausted this week.  But it was so fun!  And I love seeing her and Bob so happy.  We're recovering nicely tho, and here are a few photos from the whole weekend.  

H-man and I got there Wednesday night so we had plenty of time to hang
out.  Here is he "playing" with Maverick.  

Thursday night was a welcome party (supper in the garden) for everyone
who was in town.  It was absolutely beautiful.  These are Bob's parents with Jamie....
and let me tell you....they are ready for grandkids!!  :)


bridesmaids at the luncheon on Friday

the bride channeling Kate Middleton at the rehearsal...isn't she beautiful?

soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Wills at the rehearsal dinner...
Lucie (and Joe) did a fabulous job!

the big day!!  Hammond and daddy hanging out under the tent in the backyard

somehow i managed not to feed him one meal this day :)  the bride
insisted.  and she was...well, the bride.  how do you argue? 

bridesmaids getting ready at a friend's home

the bride with the twins.  she was absolutely stunning!

there really is nothing like a backyard reception
(I can't wait to direct you to Anne's photos...she gets way more into the details!
and if you know my sister, you know there were lots of details!)

the gifts

hammond with the ladies.  i was terrified he was going to spit up on Robin Anne
while she was holding him.  but, again, she insisted.  and again, she was the bride!

I didn't take Hammond down to the reception at all (I know, I'm one of those moms,
but I knew we'd get caught talking to everyone...there were 700 ppl there...and the 
little guy was worn out.)  But we did let some of our friends sneak up to see him.
Here he is entertaining some of them.  Daddy is the BEST at making him laugh. 

It really was a perfect night.  

Post-wedding day brunch on Sunday with all 75+ of our family.  So fun
to recap stories (I'll have to tell you about the one with the guy in the bed...yeah...
a guy ended up in one of my parent's bedrooms...passed out...under the covers.)

As soon as Anne posts more pictures, I'll send you to her site.  She's amazingly talented, and it was so beautiful!  

We couldn't be more excited for Mr. and Mrs. Wills!  (Or more jealous as they're sipping on fruity drinks looking out over the ocean of Antigua right now.  Ahhh.)