Thursday, January 6, 2011

Road Trip :: GA Coast

Here's the skinny on our recent trip to the GA Coast. As mentioned before, this was all Jamie's doing...he'd never really been to Georgia's coast, and certainly hadn't explored it like he wanted (of course, now that we've done this trip, I realize all I'd ever seen were the beaches, a few restaurants, and the paths from the beach house to the beach!). Here are some snapshots.

St. Simons ::
Yes, we started at the Visitors' Center, where
Jamie stocked up on every map/brochure possible.

Monday's plans of doing Cumberland Island were thwarted
when the weather was 32 degrees. Instead, we went
for a walk on the beach and a self-guided tour of Jekyll Island.

I hadn't been to Jekyll in forever, and forgot all about Driftwood
Beach. We also discovered the Jekyll lsland Beach Club: an adorable Inn
that was founded by all the millionaires of the day. Beautiful and historic.

On our way back to St. Simons, I had to take Jamie to the chapel at
Epworth. I spent many Auburn/Alabama wknds in college leading
worship with some other great folks for SGC's Nov. wknd.
The chapel is teeny, but beautiful and a must see!

Then we headed to downtown St. Simons to
tour the lighthouse.

Took us a little while to find the entrance :)


Sunrise, from our hotel room. We spent the day touring Sea Island
(and all the newness) with a friend, and then hit the road for Savannah.

Savannah ::
After checking into our hotel, we walked
all over Savannah, taking in its charm!

Hey Y'all! It's me and Paula Deen

For dinner, we went to, quite possibly, one of my favorite restaurants of all time:
The Olde Pink House. Except that it was impossible to get reservations
until really late, so we opted for Planters Tavern, which is the "basement/cellar"
portion of the restaurant. Give them your name, then wait for a spot to open.

Totally felt like we were at a tavern in England. Dark woods,
low ceiling, dim candlelight, wing back chairs, fireplaces,
piano player singing away. And a-m-a-z-i-n-g-l-y yummy food!

Then the hotel, for a photo shoot at our favorite spot :)

The Mulberry Inn was charming and cozy and located right smack downtown.

Our disappointing Tybee Island adventure

St. Paul's

St. Paul's massive manger scene

Forsyth Park

the Fountain at Forsyth Park

One of my favorite stops while walking down Broughton St? Honey
tasting at Savannah Bee Company. We brushed up on our honey knowledge,
and even ate honeycomb. Yes, the real honeycomb. It was yum.

one of Savannah's many gorgeous trees

For our final meal, I really wanted to try out Gryphon Tea Room.
I'm kind of obsessed with tea (and the idea of tea parties) right now.
It's SCAD owned and operated...great decor, delish tea, decent food.
Probably wouldn't go back. But I did order a pot of tea. :)


Kristen said...

we went down to savannah on the 30th and 31st for new years with my brother and his funny - we sat directly to the right of where you guys sat at the old pink house on new years eve! weird!

carolineo said...

Yall are so cute :) Miss you guys...

Molly Hargather said...

kristen - that's hilarious! we loved savannah! caroline - we miss you guys too. this is ridiculous. we need to make it happen!