Monday, January 3, 2011



That's the best word I can think of to explain the past week and a half. FULL of so much fun, joy, memorable moments, sweet gifts, car rides, and deep-in-your-belly-laughter!

First, I feel as though I should wrap up our Christmas party marathon with the last few!
Christmas party #8: Girls' White Elephant: Your Favorite Thing Under $10, hosted by Tyler. Such a great idea...everyone went home with something they liked!

set-up in the circle, ready to play

group shot

Christmas party #9: Jared and Rosanna's wine-tasting theme

the wine-tasting was a really fun idea, and was so funny watching
everyone pour their wine out of brown paper bags!

[Not pictured (cause I left my camera at aforementioned party):
#10: Lindsay's amazingly yummy Christmas good!
#11: Jenn & Jason's annual Christmas party in Dunwoody
#12: E's Annual Christmas party in Grant Park
#13: Sister, Jennifer, and her three girls (ages 10, 5, & 5) come for a spend the night party! Atlantic Station's snow fall, dinner at Rosa Mexicana, and iceskating!

Onto Christmas...
Jamie and I changed up our after Christmas plans at the last minute, so we decided to head to Augusta before Christmas to celebrate with my family! Sweet time with mom, dad, and RA, and we even made it for the Nalley's Christmas party.

the cornhole set we made for RA!

in front of my parents' tree

Then, Christmas Eve/Christmas day in Roswell.

Mama and son on Christmas Eve

me and the hubs Christmas Eve

Christmas morning breakfast!

my reaction to the awesome gift J gave me
[yes, it was a letter opener, folks. but if you know me, you will understand that I really wanted one.
And the fact that he remembered, AND bought me one in my silver pattern?! amazing!]

sister and I on Christmas night

The day after Christmas, Jamie and I set out on a little road trip (mentioned here) to the GA Coast. More pictures to come in a separate post, but here's one to whet your appetite.

goofing off in front of our lobby fireplace
at Savannah's Mulberry Inn

New Year's Eve party with lots of friends...

me and Jess about to ring in the New Year

And, finally, Jamie and I went to Passion with a group of our freshman college students (oh yeah, and 22,000+ other college kids). Amazing and so refreshing. Thank you, Jesus!



Greer Carlson said...
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Greer Carlson said...

Your hubby remembered your silver pattern?? That's impressive!! Good job Jamie!