Friday, January 14, 2011

the snow week in pics

Sunday night: attempting to take a photo of the house,
but there was too much snow falling!

Monday morning: covered!

Love the Christmas lights/garland dusted with snow
(which J promptly made me take down after the birthday)

walking the dogs down a side street
[Jamie's mom was in the Cayman Islands, so we were
watching them for her. Her 10 day trip quickly
turned into 14 when she couldn't get home! Pretty nice.]

Gabby and I, and Claremont St behind us

the dogs had a ball

Jamie took the boots off a wakeboard of his, and it turned out to
be the perfect sled! Plus, our driveway is the perfect hill...great combo.

my turn

Our neighbors, the Knox's had some folks over
to hang out by the fire pit...poor Gabby got cold

set-up for the National Championship game!
[in case you can't see, that's my signed football in
between the Auburn pom-poms, below the TV]

half-time sledding adventures with MB and Lee!

this is what they look like at full speed :)

birthday breakfast, cooked by the best husband!

walk to Publix to get groceries for the birthday dinner

and a birthday cake

I didn't take many pictures Wednesday or Thursday, mainly because
we didn't do anything besides read, work, and check email! But this
is a photo taken on my way into work this morning (yep, finally made it
out). Can you believe there's still this much snow 5 days out from
the snowfall? I've never seen anything like this in Georgia!

Now I'm off to enjoy the weekend...ha! [Seriously, I just laughed out loud when I wrote that. :)]


Greer Carlson said...

Love the pictures! I wish so badly P & I were living in Atlanta and could have been snowed in all week :)