Thursday, January 13, 2011

adventures in ice-land

Monday and Tuesday were great and lazy. Yesterday, I organized half the house. Last night, some neighbors had a spontaneous wine and cheese get together to help with the cabin fever. This morning, we decided we were going to make it to work.

After making it one street down, we watched my car slide into a snow embankment, and Jamie's miss the turn out of the neighborhood and slide down an icy hill. Time to assess the situation. We weren't going to be able to make it out of the neighborhood. Heck, we weren't even going to be able to make it back home in our cars. With some help from a random neighbor [side note: being snowed in allows for a great opportunity to meet all of your neighbors], we finally got both of our cars parked on the side of the road in a spot that we felt halfway decent about, and made our way back home on foot.

Jamie wasn't very happy, so with shovel in hand, he went back out to try to clear the roads himself. :). He came back not too long after.

After a few hours of sunshine (and working from home), we walked back to our cars to see if we could at least get them home. We took the shovel and tried to break up some of the icy spots along the way. On the way, Jamie took a pretty hilarious, semi-scary fall. I laughed. One by one, we got the cars back in the driveway. Success.

We then decided to walk the neighborhood to get a better feel so that we could get out tomorrow. That's when I slipped and fell pretty hard. And Jamie got to laugh.

Now, we're back home, and waiting it out. Good thing it's supposed to get down to 13 degrees tonight. This is one week we will never forget!

Pictures to come as soon as I get back to a computer! Happy snow week.


Kristen said...

so crazy! but it's pretty fun, i must say.

i won't be saying that when im working weekends to fit in the jobs that i missed this week! oh well!

Team Bourlon said...

Wow! I wish we could get snowed in for days...well, maybe in our pre-Joley days it would have been fun. Now, it would be a little piece of hell. Love you guys!

Molly Hargather said...

kristen - so glad y'all have been having fun! but totally hear you on catching up on work. oh well, it's been worth it!

and courtney - i laughed out loud at your comment. b/c i hate to say it, but j and i had the same conversation...on days like these past few we are glad to not yet be parents!!