Monday, January 24, 2011

home improvement :: bedroom edition

As I've mentioned countless times before, Jamie and I have a running list of projects for the house that looks something like this.

[and it goes on and on and on and on...]

Some items are things we only dream of doing, while others we are able to slowly check off the list. I'm pretty sure we'll be working on these projects until we move into a new home with new projects. Such is life!

Currently, we are trying to focus our time and attention to our master bedroom. This time last year we got it to a livable spot, and now it's time to turn it into what we'd like. Now, I'm no decorator (that's part of the reason it takes me forever to get things done...I spend too much time second-guessing myself), but I think we're moving in the right direction.

Small step: Add new decorative knobs to dresser. [Completed this weekend!]
Last winter, we purchased a large dresser from Ikea in the "as-is" section. (It's a section near check-out that has many items discounted for (mostly) minor imperfections.) It's perfect for the amount of storage we need, but it needed a little umph. Personally, I think decorative knobs are a great way to add that, without overdoing the budget. I only replaced the top four knobs, as what was a relatively inexpensive project can turn costly if I did them all. While Anthro is normally my go-to place for knobs, I actually found these at Cost Plus World Market at a really great price.

before shot

and after

knobs up close

Small step: Do something with Jamie's bedside table space. [Completed a few weeks ago!]
In an attempt to pull together the look on J's side, I hung some 8x10 wedding photos. These were actually in black frames, hanging over a dresser that we just removed (see below) an attempt to make space for a sitting area. New frames from Michael's (half off!).

Bigger step: Bench at the end of the bed. [Completed this weekend!]
We've been talking forever about putting a bench at the end of our bed. And I mean forever. Unfortunately, I'm the type of person that once I know what I want, I can't get it out of my mind. But I'm not willing to overpay. Lucky for me, Ballards finally put their Dorchester seating on sale (and we had a gift card!), and they happened to have the exact bench I wanted in stock!

before shot
[sidenote: I'm still in LOVE with the bedskirt
custom-made by my super talented Aunt Kathy]


bench up close

To come: Headboard (attempting to do that one ourselves!).
Fabric? Check.
Measurements? Check.
Excitement to complete it? Check.
So, what are we waiting for?! Think we're just a little nervous to get this one started. We're first-timers! But we are in desperate need.

To come: Wall hangings.
I've got some fun things in mind to complete the look. It's just taking a little time. Step. By. Step.

To come: Sitting/Reading area.
New painting? Check.
New floor lamp [that I'm in love with]? Check.
Small table? Looking.
Comfy reading chair? Looking.

Our new sitting area will replace the space seen below....

pardon the mound of Christmas gifts!


Bagwell's said...

I love this post because I read it right after I posted about how every project in my life is on hold right now. Too funny! I can live vicariously though your list! Happy late birthday, love!

Kristin said...

Is your bedside table from Wisteria? If so, it's the same as what we have. I can tell we have very similar styles... have you seen our master bedroom? :)

P.S. Ballard in our neighborhood is a blessing and a curse.

Greer Carlson said...

Molly, I love the knobs! I actually bought the basic off white ones (same shape, but different color) for our TV/Media stand. We only have two drawers, but I like the change. Nice work :)