Monday, December 27, 2010

Hello from the GA coast

Graciously, my boss gives us the week off between Christmas and New Years. This year Jamie decided he wanted to take a trip to the Georgia coast. Having not moved to Atlanta til his senior year of high school, he's only been here once (last summer's trip to St. Simons with my sisters, etc). I grew up vacationing at Sea Island, class trips to Jekyll, and various visits to St. Simons. But he planned the whole trip and it's already been so fun seeing more of a historical (yes, we're dorks) and scenic view than ever before. Plus, it's a much sleepier place in the wintertime. And I am loving walks on the beach all bundled up with a cup of coffee in hand. The ocean view might just be even more beautiful this time of year (I'd post pictures if I could figure out how to do that easily our iPad...pathetic).

Yesterday, we drove into the King and Prince on St. Simons. Tomorrow, after spending some time on Sea Island with some friends, we head to Savannah for a few days there. Lots of fun things planned...and more yummy eats! I think this is our first trip just the two of us since our honeymoon. We love our friends, but this time together has been so refreshing. I'm lovin' it!

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas as much as we did. Lots of fun pictures to come!


Ashley said...

So proud of you for blogging somewhere besides the office :)