Friday, December 3, 2010

blessed: Christmas dinner party #1

Tis the season! Holiday music, white lights, greenery, hot cocoa, and....Christmas dinner parties!

Last night was our first Christmas celebration, with our college freshman small group. I know I've mentioned before, but I can't say it enough...J + I are so blessed by each one of these 18 & 19 year-olds.

the whole good-looking bunch
(minus sweet Kelsey!)

it's amazing how easy it is for Jamie
and I to act 10 years younger :)

After a yummy dinner (that husband saved the day in prepping - the one night I had to work late!), we decided to play a friendly game of spoons. It was hilarious! Here we are with our game faces on.

There are lots of videos that were taken as well...I just need to sort through them and pull some out, then I'll post. Although we lose Kevin (to Mercer) and Kelsey (to Hillsong College in Australia!), we are so looking forward to continuing this group next semester.

1 party down, several more to go!


Ashley said...

Can we please have a Christmas cheese party?!