Wednesday, December 15, 2010

blessed: Christmas party 7

The final Unboundary Christmas event.....Christmas Morning at the Unboundary Homestead. No abbreviations, and no shortening the name. :) We do a large, potluck breakfast (I'm telling you, potluck is the way to go!), wear our jammies, have a secret santa gift exchange, and even Santa makes an appearance!

This year, I drew Dawn's name. Dawn is one of the craftiest people I about pressure! I knew I had to get her the perfect gift. Finally, I came up with something, and planned and prepared for that...but was never super excited about it. Then, the day before the gift exchange, I came up with something better. Knowing we had a Christmas party that night, I ran around during my lunch break for supplies, and stayed up til 2:30am finishing the project (so grateful I could go into work in my pajamas!).

A little background information: Dawn is the traffic manager at Unboundary, so pretty much all work goes through her. She's also just happens to be the one who everyone flocks to when they have anything else they need...advice, an ear to listen, ideas for a party, etc. So, the stool in her office is often occupied, with someone talking about work or life. We've often joked that she should get paid for each visit on her stool. So...I made her this....

And then I figured the stool should get some dressing up (which fits Dawn's personality so much better than a plain, wooden stool)...

Finally, here I am, sittin' at the spot where it all happens. :)

Co-worker, Steve, drew my name. I've been on a kick of requesting consumable gifts (things that can be consumed), and he knew that. So, he graciously gifted me a fabulous looking bottle of a red blend, yummy French cheese, and a box of cranberry hazelnut crackers. Sounds like a date night!


Ashley said...

So cute! I wanna see pics of the other gifts too!