Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day weekend in the ATL

We had such a fun Memorial Day weekend.  We actually had a pretty busy weekend, and it almost made life seem normal again.  Not quite the old normal, but the new normal....and it was good!

We started out spending Thursday night celebrating Aunt Kelly's 26th at the
Food Truck Park...and H-man got lots of love all around.  

Then we spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights hanging out close to home,
with neighbors who happen to be friends.  Pretty sure I've gushed about
our neighborhood before, but I really couldn't be more grateful we landed
here.  Especially now that we're a little more homebound with the lil' man.

We spent some time skyping with our favorite Texas twins, Vivi and Drake
(& mom, dad and sister, Jolene).  They're only a week younger than Hammond
(technically even younger since they came early!) and bound to be best buds.

We finally made it back to church...for the first time as a family of THREE!

H is just a few weeks shy of being able to go to Waumba Land, one of 
our church's amazing kids' ministries.  So we sat in the back lobby and watched
Hammond entertain himself (and us!).

Then we headed straight to Roswell to hang out by Grandma Sue-Sue's was a great set-up as we could put Hammond down for all his
naps in the crib she has set up (that Jamie + Kelly both slept in!)

We let Hammond try out the pool
[sidenote: he LOVES the bath!!]

Turns out it was just a little too cold for his liking

Sorry bud

love this photo

Memorial Day breakfast at West part about our new alarm clock
(Hammond, that is)?  we get places early enough to miss the crowd!

And we finished off the weekend celebrating our friend (and neighbor!),
Hannah, celebrate her 30th birthday.  80's style!  Bowling and dinner.  So fun!

Monday, May 28, 2012

little 2 month old

The little guy is 2 months old (well, technically he's 2 months and one week...forgive me for my tardiness).  Here are a few current facts on the fellow.

- I've decided that the name Hammond is fitting...because our little man is such a HAM!  Seriously.  He is such a happy baby (until it's time for a nap :), and he will flirt with any one who's willing to give him attention.  It has been SO FUN to watch his personality start to develop.

- We've got him on a great schedule (there is destined to be a post on BabyWise coming up has been a GREAT resource for us!), and our days are finally predictable.  

- We are SO close to sleeping through the night!!

- He is, and has been since day 1, in the 50th percentile for weight and 95th for height!  Long and lean baby.

Here are a few 2 month photos.... 

see what i mean?  hammin' it up for the camera


hey brother

officially a thumb sucker

this is the face he makes every time i put him down to get ready for a nap/bed.
his eyes get huge and it's almost like he's saying "noooo!"

(See here for his 1 month.  What a difference a few weeks make!)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Wills

This weekend we got to celebrate my sister's wedding in Augusta.  It was a whirlwind, and I'd be lying if I told you I am not exhausted this week.  But it was so fun!  And I love seeing her and Bob so happy.  We're recovering nicely tho, and here are a few photos from the whole weekend.  

H-man and I got there Wednesday night so we had plenty of time to hang
out.  Here is he "playing" with Maverick.  

Thursday night was a welcome party (supper in the garden) for everyone
who was in town.  It was absolutely beautiful.  These are Bob's parents with Jamie....
and let me tell you....they are ready for grandkids!!  :)


bridesmaids at the luncheon on Friday

the bride channeling Kate Middleton at the rehearsal...isn't she beautiful?

soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Wills at the rehearsal dinner...
Lucie (and Joe) did a fabulous job!

the big day!!  Hammond and daddy hanging out under the tent in the backyard

somehow i managed not to feed him one meal this day :)  the bride
insisted.  and she was...well, the bride.  how do you argue? 

bridesmaids getting ready at a friend's home

the bride with the twins.  she was absolutely stunning!

there really is nothing like a backyard reception
(I can't wait to direct you to Anne's photos...she gets way more into the details!
and if you know my sister, you know there were lots of details!)

the gifts

hammond with the ladies.  i was terrified he was going to spit up on Robin Anne
while she was holding him.  but, again, she insisted.  and again, she was the bride!

I didn't take Hammond down to the reception at all (I know, I'm one of those moms,
but I knew we'd get caught talking to everyone...there were 700 ppl there...and the 
little guy was worn out.)  But we did let some of our friends sneak up to see him.
Here he is entertaining some of them.  Daddy is the BEST at making him laugh. 

It really was a perfect night.  

Post-wedding day brunch on Sunday with all 75+ of our family.  So fun
to recap stories (I'll have to tell you about the one with the guy in the bed...yeah...
a guy ended up in one of my parent's bedrooms...passed out...under the covers.)

As soon as Anne posts more pictures, I'll send you to her site.  She's amazingly talented, and it was so beautiful!  

We couldn't be more excited for Mr. and Mrs. Wills!  (Or more jealous as they're sipping on fruity drinks looking out over the ocean of Antigua right now.  Ahhh.)

Monday, May 14, 2012


There are so many firsts that come with being a mom.  One of the more obvious happened yesterday...where I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day!  Hammond and Scout (with the help of their daddy, of course) pampered and fed me well all day.  The weather (rain, rain, and more rain) set the scene for much relaxation.  And that's exactly what we did.  

daddy teaching hammond how to do the running man

so handsome

speaking of Hammond, he must have snuck out during a nap, because
this appeared on the kitchen counter, along with a gift from dad. 
H-man got me this book, Harry the Dirty Dog, which I loved and Scout approved!
And daddy got me a gift certificate to this spa!! Such a treat,
and something I can't wait to use!  Such thoughtful men in my life :)

me + my son

love him

i have the greatest family...all boys and me :)

Hope all you mamas had a great Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

nursery vignettes

I know that I have been remiss in posting any pictures of the nursery thus far, but let me explain why.  I am a perfectionist.  And we still have one project left to go (that we're planning to complete this weekend, I hope!).  Plus, there are a few frames with no photos in them yet, and honestly, I just want it completely finished before I reveal all the details! Anyone understand?!  So, I'll strike a deal with you...

After my sister's wedding (which is NEXT Saturday!), I vow to have everything completed and share photos.  (Sometimes you just need a deadline, right?!)

But, for now, I'll leave you with a few of my favorite vignettes around Hammond's room.

remember when i posted about Dawn's shower here?  well, i hadn't told you about the amazing blocks that they made for us!  see Dawn's post on them at her blog for even more close ups, but they are simply brilliant! and hand painted! such an amazing gift from an amazing group of girls. (P.S. Dawn, I've had a few friends ask me where I bought them. I think you could start a business!)

Jamie's grandma, Mimi, was an incredible artist back in the day (and is still rocking it in her 70's!!).  She did the Babar painting on the left years ago for Jamie's nursery.  And then did the one on the right for Mr. Hammond! (And please note the gray + white blocks that Dawn also painted to go with our color scheme!)

Pretty sure I love our diaper caddy.  Just a random something I found 
at T.J. Maxx, but I love it!  I love it when function meets style. 
(and yes, I just said that...ha)

For our nursery guests (with a precious monogrammed
pillow from Aunt Diddy, aka Robin Anne)

mini-pillows for the crib.  (and don't worry, as soon as he can 
move an inch, I'll be taking them out)

But my all-time favorite?!

 this little man.  who is getting so curious about his limbs...
he is so content lying on his back, flailing his arms and legs around.
God bless him. :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

the final countdown

My sister, Robin Anne, is getting married in TWO weeks!  We are so excited, and can't wait to celebrate her and Bob in Augusta.  This past weekend, I spent my first full day (and two nights!) away from my sweet celebrate Robin Anne's chill lake-style bachelorette weekend.

the beautiful bride-to-be

last hurrah for mrs. wills :)


fun game of catch phrase on the dock

the super competitive bride

bride and the MOH

Jamie was a rockstar dad - with a little help from his mama and sister - and kept Hammond at home.  They managed just fine without mama, but although the weekend was lots of fun, I was happy to get home to all of my guys.