Thursday, October 13, 2011

weekend starts today!

I'm taking tomorrow off to travel down to Dublin, GA, and here are some of the things I'm most excited about!

1 - The MOST exciting thing will be celebrating Shellie and Jose as they tie the knot this weekend.  The more time that passes, the more confident I am that, other than the gift of His Son, marriage is the greatest earthly gift God gives us.  Plus, she'll be an absolutely stunning bride.  Oh, and we love her family, and it's certain to be a fun time. :)


2 - The bridesmaids' dresses are this lovely color (or somewhat close to it).  Does that not just get you in the fall mood?  

 3 - The bridesmaids' dresses look like this (except in above color).  Thank you, Shellie, for choosing an empire waist...even tho you didn't know I'd have a growing belly by your wedding!  It makes this preggo feel and look so much better (since that's really what it's all about...).

4 - Have I mentioned that Shellie's getting married?!  Shellie and I met in grad school and became instant friends.  Then we ended up living together for a season at the Terrace.  She has been such a blessing to me, and in my opinion, there's not much better than watching your friends fall in love.

 5 - I found a super affordable dress, in the adorable houndstooth fabric featured below, that I plan on wearing to the rehearsal dinner.  It's a great cut, and in my opinion, showcases my better features at the moment.  (Once again, being vain.  I apologize.)

6 - I get to hang out with these girls!  All but Leah (Shellie's cousin on the far left) were in a small group the first year we were living in Atlanta.  They were so instrumental during that time, and Shellie's wedding (+ festivities) have given us a great excuse to see more of each other!

And just a few more reasons...
- The weather's supposed to be perfect!
- We're staying in a hotel room.  It's the La Quinta Dublin, but it doesn't matter.  Whenever Jamie and I stay at a hotel, I feel like we're on vacation. :)
- Good food. 
- Dancing.
- Scout's #1 reason he's excited for the weekend: He gets to hang out with his cousins, Gabby + Bailey, and play all weekend at Gma Sue Sue's!  

Hope you enjoy your weekend, too!