Friday, October 21, 2011


So, this might be slightly embarrassing...

But, in the spirit of sending off one of my favorite photographing co-workers, David Naugle, thought I'd share a few photos he took yesterday.  [Sidenote: Somehow I became the random stand in for various photo shoots around the office.  One day I went through all the photos DN has taken of me and sent them to Jamie, one email at a time, for a good laugh.  They are hilarious.]

I digress.  Ever heard of jowlin'?  It came around before planking.  You know that face your dog makes when he shakes his head back and forth...the way his lips go all out of control all over the place....that's kind of the idea.  In fact, here's a whole website devoted to Jowlers.  

Official Urban Dictionary definition:

The violent shaking of one's head side-to-side in order to obtain a photograph of one's face distorted from the intense side-to-side motion.
Pretty sure Naugle has photographed most of the company jowling (and if a video comes my way, I'll be sure to post), but for now, here are a few of my favorite lovely shots.  

And then, just for fun, he took some photos of me and Scout.  

I'm sure going to miss having a professional photographer around all the time. 


Kristen said...

haha, those are awesome. I wish youd have them blown up postersize :)