Monday, October 3, 2011

how we found out

And now for the details that I had to keep to myself for what seemed like forever!  

The Day We Found Out

Although we weren't preventing anymore, we were still pretty shocked when we found out we were pregnant...mainly because it didn't take much time at all!  The week after July 4th, which also happens to be the week of Jamie's birthday, I was missing a key element that usually sends a big signal that you're not pregnant.  Jamie knew this, but we had decided to wait until the very end of the week to test for sure.  Well, his birthday rolled around that Friday, and I just couldn't wait.  I bought two tests, and decided to take one that morning...without telling him.  

After making him his favorite breakfast, banana pancakes, I snuck off to the bathroom and waited for the results.  Welp, as you can guess, the screen read a big, fat PREGNANT across it.  So, I walked out and asked Jamie if he wanted his first gift.  He agreed, and I just went out and said it..."I'm pretty sure we're gonna have a baby."  

The rest of the morning was somewhat of a blur - we had our freak out moments, I cried, we took a 2nd test, more freak out moments, frantic research about what I can and can't eat, lots of googling about what to do next, more freak out moments, etc, etc.  And then the realization that I can't tell anybody!  As hard as it was, it was a fun few months for Jamie and I to talk through it, dream, plan, and let it sink in.  

Here's a series of photos we took the next morning (really early, as you can tell!) - 

remember this photo that I referenced in his bday post about an exciting
morning?  even more exciting than you had probably thought :)