Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I know, I know, every year when October rolls around I go a little pumpkin crazy.  I mean, I've only blogged about it a few times (here, here, and here :).  But, who can resist when the air turns crisp, the leaves start to change, you start pulling out your jackets, and pumpkins are everywhere?!  

It's funny, bc I am not really a warm color person at all (save game day :).  But, somehow, come early October orange pumpkins tend to fill our small home, and I love it.  (However, I'm a sucker for the white, green, and various colored pumpkins.  If only they weren't so expensive!)

A few snapshots of the abode....

love our front porch, and our new foliage
(pardon the flags, but we're trying to deter Scout from eating the plants!)

really, really love the white pumpkins peeking out from the greenery
and winter lettuce.  when I saw them at Pike's, I just couldn't resist.

isn't it un-American to not have a mum by your front door for fall :)

sweet Lindsay made the most delicious pumpkin muffins for us!
if you like pumpkin, you really need to keep up with her blog during this
month, as it's declared all-things-pumpkin!  she even tried out 
pumpkin mac-n-cheese.  and the granola looks heavenly.

Yoforia has finally put pumpkin spice yogurt in their stores,
and it is amazing!  try it w/ graham cracker crumbles and
it tastes like pumpkin pie.  yummm!

For a small group treat, I tried out this pumpkin fluff recipe that I saw on Pinterest

Pumpkin-y things that I have yet to indulge in, but definitely plan on...
- Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte
- pumpkin butter
- pumpkin bread (although, Lindsay did make us some delicious pumpkin swirl bread)
- Devon's pumpkin cookies
- pumpkin pie
- one of my mom's Thanksgiving pumpkin rolls
- this Pumpkin Risotto recipe from Southern Living
- and, of course, some Brach's mellowcream pumpkins!!

Baby H may be deterring me from certain foods, but I'm so thankful the peanut is loving pumpkin as much as I do!