Tuesday, October 25, 2011

20 wks

We finally got to see our baby again this morning!  Everything is looking pretty good, so we're grateful for that.  If ultrasound pictures weird you out, then you might want to skip down to the last bit.  But, I had to share, because for one thing...it's fascinating, and for another thing...it's kind of hilarious.  Oh, and it's my baby, and this is my blog. :)

 Peanut is smart.  See it holding up it's index finger.  It knows it's #1,
and our first baby (besides the 4 legged one, of course).  
Or it's already an avid sports fan, and someone snuck it a foam finger.

 Here's the profile shot.  See it's tiny nose, mouth and chin?
(Hint...it's lying on its back and the head is on the right.)

 Happy Halloween!  Baby H would like to go as a skeleton this year.  From this 
angle, peanut is facing us, and you can see his/her eye sockets (again, on the right)
arm (next to/above its head), and knee folded up on the bottom left.

And finally, here's a little wave, with his/her tiny bony fingers (see the little hand!).

Not to be outdone by his little brother or sister, here is a photo of Scout after he snuck onto the couch and ate half a bowl of candy corn that was on the side table.  Needless to say, he's been feeling a little sick to the stomach today.  I told him that's what happens to me when I eat too many in a row.


John and Leigh said...

Molly, I am loving your pregnancy posts! And I want to see your cute pregnant self. Maybe a walk soon? So excited for you!

Maisy Shenzii Mckenzie said...

hey molly ,
its great to read this post and follow your pregnancy..!! ^^

Im impatient to see the result of this wonderfulness!! ^^'

takecare , Maisy