Thursday, June 9, 2011

DIY: moss-covered letter

As I've mentioned before, Jamie and I have an on-going list of projects that we're working to complete (and then we keep adding to the list!). We love our home, it's just the nature of being a homeowner, I guess!

One area that was further down our list for completion is the back porch. We love it and use it a lot, but being that it's not covered and it's seasonal, we've taken our time with it.

A few months ago, I spotted these moss-covered letters in the Pottery Barn catalogue. I love most all things moss-related, but the price tag ($79!) was way more than I would ever imagine spending on a letter (or even a pair of shoes, if we're being honest)! So, I figured I could totally do this myself. See below...

Step 1: I knew I wanted a large "H", so I bought two sheets of green styrofoam from Michaels. I had been tipped on the green color, so that you didn't have to layer the moss on quite as heavy. Hot glue the two sheets together.

Step 2: Draw the letter first. Then cut out, using a serrated knife.
(This took me forever, but that's because I'm a perfectionist. And I free-handed. If you don't feel comfortable free-handing, you can print out and use that as a stencil.)

Step 3: Lay down a generous layer of hot glue, and then lay down a layer of moss. I bought the sheet moss, and it worked wonders, so that I could do a big chunk at a time and so that it didn't turn out too stringy. Keep in mind, this is a patient process!

The completed look!
Below is an updated photo of where we hung it. The only bummer of the project is that it's been sun stained, and it has gone through all of the storms (and WIND!) of the past two months. I need to patch it up in a few spots, and I might try spray painting it if I can find a color that won't look like it's been spray painted. We'll see!