Tuesday, June 7, 2011

bentley = tool

Don't let his curly hair and cute smile fool you. This man is a jerk.

Yes, I'm giving away the fact that I've once again allowed myself to get pulled in by the cheesiest dating show on reality tv.

But I just think it needs to be said, Bentley Williams is the sleaziest man I've met/watched/heard about/etc.

I felt really sorry for Ashley last night, as she watched the show for the first time, hearing Bentley's commentary. What a #@%#*@%*$! (Use your imagination.)

I'm really glad, for Emily's sake, that she wasn't the bachelorette, since he kept saying things might have turned out differently with her. And I feel really terrible for his daughter, who has such an a$* for a dad.


Rayne said...

Hysterical. Sadly, I watch and agree!