Friday, June 3, 2011


Lil' sister turns 27 tomorrow! She'll be celebrating in Pascagoula, MS because she's always wanted to visit. Kidding. (Not that people can't vacation in Pascagoula...) She'll be celebrating her bday at an engagement party for some close friends. So, I took her out when she came through ATL.

Happy Birthday, RA! I can't imagine life without so many ways! :)

Also in big news this of my best friends got engaged! Shellie met Jose almost one year ago, and they are getting married in October. I don't know if I'm speaking for everyone, but once you're married, it makes watching your friends fall in love that much greater. I really think so. God is good! Or, thank you, Jesus, as the Cochran ladies would say.

Friends and family celebrating at Tijuana Joe's

And, finally, this has nothing to do with celebrating, but just because he's the cutest pup in the world. Here's Mr. Scout.

Don't you love how he's got the whole smoky eye look going on?!

One of my favorite things about him...his white eyelashes!! Can you see them?