Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bachelor/Bachelorette News

I'm totally sucked in, and I know it's pathetic.

The Good
Sweet Chris, 2nd runner up from Ali's season, is engaged! Yay for him.

The Bad
Poor Ames had to go to the Thai hospital this past week, after getting knocked pretty hard during some terrible date idea that Ashley had. I think Ames is my favorite. I mean, check out his resume...

The Ugly
Bentley's back next week. Seriously. I know Ashley is kicking herself now that she knows what he's been saying about her. Poor Cozy (for being his daughter, and for being named Cozy). If she mentions his name one more time after next week...


Gina said...

AH! BIll and I are sucked in too! I can't wait to see what she says at the atfr show about how AWFUL Bentley is!! AND I also love Ames...and JP, and I also loved West...why did she have to let him go?

SO wish we were closer to have Monday night dates to watch Bachelor/Bachelorette!!!

Rayne said...

Ames is too smart for her. I like him, but don't think he will last. Is she kinda getting on your nerves? I liked her in the beginning and now she seems SO insecure. JP is my def favorite! and Bentley is such a tool. I really think they must have paid him.
Those are my bachelorette thoughts for now :)

Molly Hargather said...

I love that we're all sucked in! JP is definitely my next favorite, and I kind of agree that Ames is too smart for her. Yes...she's way to insecure right now, and annoying the mess out of me.

Gina...I wish we could have Monday night dates too. I miss y'all!!