Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DIY: Fabric Headboard

Another project that we've had in mind for a long time was to make a head board for our master bedroom. My mom had generously offered to give us yards and yards of some burlap fabric that she had bought, but didn't need. So, we used some for our bed skirt (huge shout out to my amazingly talented Aunt Kathy who made it), and had plenty left over.

While it took us a while to complete, I think the headboard totally makes the room!



Making our own headboard saved us at least $300 (more, if we had decided to purchase from somewhere like Ballards), and it was a fun project.

Step 1: We had the folks at Home Depot cut out a piece of plywood to the measurements that we wanted.

Step 2: We started with foam (from JoAnn's), to provide some cushion, rolled it out, and cut it into strips. (We measured the foam to the exact size of the plywood, then wrapped it in batting. We also doubled up on the foam to make it hardier.)

Step 3: We used some spray adhesive to help keep the foam in place, before wrapping it with batting.

Step 4: (This is when we took the project outside!) Wrap the foam in batting, pulling tightly while keeping everything lined up, and staple the batting to the back side of the plywood.

Note: We used a professional grade staple gun (powered by an air compressor...thank you, Gavin!), which made the process bearable. I don't know that we would have completed it with a regular staple gun, as I imagine we used over 1,000 staples total.

Step 5: Wrap the fabric around the batting, pull tightly, and staple away...again.

Step 5: Hang! This was one of the more complicated parts, because we wanted to be thorough. We used a track and slide wall hanger. Measuring, leveling, measuring, leveling...but we only had to do it once!

Below is a close-up side shot. We actually had to have a seamstress add fabric, because our project was too wide. But I like the seam it created on both sides.

Now I just need to invest in some bigger pillows. :)


Sue said...

Ya'll are so talented!! Am so proud of you both!

Ashley said...

Yeah it really does look awesome. Again it was SO good seeing you Fri night :-)